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Candy Monster

Posted May 13 2011 3:06pm

Hey, guys!  So glad it’s finally the weekend, even if it is Friday the 13th.  I’m taking a little break in between the baking/cleaning action, and welcoming it.  Our Mother’s Day extravaganza is tomorrow night, so there’s a lot of prep to be done!

On the workout front, I tried a new-to-me workout from Exercise TV on Wednesday night.

[ source ]

Steve is a killer.  I swear we did at least 100 squats and 100 lunges.  I’m used to yoga.  This was not yoga.

I’ve been trying to mix things up a bit lately, and mix it up I did.   I haven’t been able to walk normally since! Walking up stairs or trying to sit down looks hilarious, as I kind of half-waddle and then make pretty noises in pain!  Luckily, I stretched it all out with yoga today.

Food-wise, I tried another new-to-me thing last night:   Helen’s Kitchen Garden Steaks.

[ source ]

It was pretty good!  I didn’t use the skillet like it recommended; I used the microwave, as I usually use it for everything. Classy. It still tasted good.

For dessert, I had sour candy.  Now usually I’m the type of dessert-eater that only eats chocolate.  If it doesn’t contain at least 75% chocolate, I’m not interested.  I’ll pass on pies and fruity desserts any day of the week, but lately, I’ve just been a candy monster.  It’s a little out of control!


And SPKs (Sour Patch Kids).

So good.  I’m sure the chocolate loving will come back full force, but for now, I’m rolling with the candy.

I’m off to finish baking for tomorrow!  Then The BB are going out tonight. :)

Food For Thought: What are your fun plans for this weekend?  What is your favorite type of dessert?

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