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Can You Be Averagely Great or Greatly Average?

Posted Mar 06 2010 6:45am

This post was written by Anastasiya . Follow me on Twitter or StumbleUpon and keep your life balanced!

balanced livingImage by Yves.

We live in a great world full of miracles and wonderful people. Every day something amazing is going on in this world and we all want to be part of that.

You have probably heard how wonderful it is to be great and how important it is to find your “greatness” in life. You know, everybody has something great about them, sometimes we just do not know what it is. Being great means that you are not average, you are not just a dot in the picture of life, you are a star.

I think, though, that greatness can be a burden. Not everybody should be great (at least all the time) because this greatness can ruin your life. I feel that sometimes you just need to be average. Give me a few seconds before you start completely disagreeing with me and showering this post with infuriated comments.

I was watching the Olympics this year and I saw some of the greatest people on our planet (at least in the physical sense.) Even the ones who didn’t qualify but still got to the Olympics are great examples of human strength, determination and will power in my opinion.

However, I felt bad for some of the athletes, especially the ones who got medals in the previous Olympic Games. The entire world was expecting them to be great and to perform excellent this year. If they didn’t perform as well as they were supposed to they were criticized and analyzed by all those sports experts. The world was expecting more greatness of them than they could deliver.

When you feel the pressure that you need to be great your life loses joy and happiness. Imagine that you are in a bad mood and somebody comes up to you and tells you “You must be happy and joyous right now!” Even if you decide to try being happy you will probably fail completely and your mood will only worsen.

The same thing happens with greatness. When you hear on every corner (ok, every personal development blog or publication) that you need to be great in something you feel pressure. This pressure blocks your creativity and your thoughts, so instead of being great you become stuck.

Let’s say that you know the area where you are great. You accept that part of yourself and treasure it in any possible way. Soon you start feeling that you are not great enough. If you fail in some other areas of your life you feel disappointed and your life loses happiness again.

There is a balance between being great and being average. It might seem very weird but I think that “averageness” (I know there is no such word, but let’s pretend there is) at some point leads to greatness.

I do not know about you but sometimes I feel very calm and relaxed realizing that I am average. I do not have to push myself too hard trying to show my greatness to the entire world, I do not have to spend every minute of my life thinking what part of me is actually great. I can just live in the present moment, breathe and be happy because my life is flowing like a calm and magnificent river.

At the moments when I allow myself to be average I am surfing the waves of life gathering strength to go against the current or to move faster if I need to. This is a way for me to recharge and relax.

A person living a balanced life can find just the right balance of “greatness” and “averageness” that will make them happy. It is important to relax sometimes and to be just an average person. On the other hand if you keep that up for too long then your life will lose its spark. From a surfer you will turn into a piece of wood that does not have any control over its fate.

I want to hear your comments, what part of your life is great and when you want to feel average. Do you need this balance or do you choose to be great all the time?

Keep it balanced!

P.S. For more balanced reading please check out my guest post at Good Life Zen, How to Know What Your Life Is Missing.

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