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Can't Let Go

Posted Aug 28 2013 10:22am
     You may have read Deirdre's post yesterday, a farewell to her time with Ladies Holiday blog (at least for now.) We ladies have done a great deal of soul searching about this lovely little bloggy here in the past few months. It may sound silly, or maybe not at all, but Ladies Holiday has been a very meaningful part of our lives since we started it a year and half ago. It was planted with the seeds of stronger-than-steel friendship, nourished by love, and creative ambition, and it flourished with the continuing positive energy that came from each of us ladies being bolstered by the excitement, creativity, and sisterhood that we shared. I know for me, being one of the collection of hearts that held this blog together was an honor. I have grown from participation in this blog as well as from reading my sisters' posts. I have been fed by the opportunity to express myself here and as I read back through all of our posts from the beginning to now I can see the progression that we have each experienced.

     I love Ladies Holiday, as I know all of us Ladies do. And although my life is crazy and I am probably crazy for thinking I can do this alone, I just can't let go yet. I'm not ready. I am so grateful for the strength of my sisters whom I know have had to make the hard decision to walk away for the time being. I am grateful for their honesty with themselves and with our team. We all want to give this our best if we are going to do it at all and if it feels as though we may not be able to do that and still be good at the other parts of our lives that tug even harder on our heart strings and truly need our attention more then we should't do it, we all agree on that. But...but...but...I can't do it! I can't say goodbye yet. So I won't. What I will do, is still be here keeping this blog going, gently. I will try to post once a week at least and I will give those posts my best. If it comes to a point where I don't feel that I am able to give Ladies Holiday the attention and quality it deserves then I will step away until I feel that I can do it again. But for now, I'm still here. I hope you'll still check in. I love being a part of this blogosphere and I crave the opportunity to share here. I learn more about myself each time I use this beautiful outlet and being connected with other bloggers feeds me as well.

     Thank you so much to a few of the loves of my life: Deirdre, Seana, and Christine. My love, appreciation, and admiration for each of you is endless. You have literally saved me from myself, built me back up when I had fallen to pieces, and held me together like super-sister-glue when I threatened to break again. I am so grateful we have been able to do this together. What a beautiful thing we've created. What a gift to do it together. I hope you'll be back from time to time, my friends, to share a bit more of yourselves here. I'll be here holding the door open for your once-in-awhile posts, which I hope there will be. You are the hardest working women, mothers, friends that I know and honestly I don't know how any of us were even able to do this at all, it's been quite a feat. But, man, I'm glad we did! I understand completely why you have to say farewell for now, and maybe sooner than I think, I will say farewell too...but not yet. Can't let go. I love you endlessly, Ladies. Thank you.

     Still with me, dear readers? Thanks for reading through my gush fest and thanks for  supporting us all this time, I hope you'll stick around with me. Until next week...

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