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Can eating canned tuna fish daily, sometimes twice a day, have any adverse affects on your health?

Posted by thecrimsontradition

I eat two meals a day that are comprised of tuna fish and mayonnaise, and I use a saltine cracker to dip with. Can this harm me over time? 
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There are some concerns for mercury & heavy metal toxicity from consuming tuna.  Actor, Jeremy Piven, claimed to have sustained mecury poisoning from eating sashimi, which is not the same thing as canned tuna, but is fish, nonetheless.  It appears that regardless of whether you eat light tuna or albacore tuna, you're still exposed to mercury.  In that sense, while we typically advocate consuming more fish than the average American consumes these days, consistently eating canned tuna day in & day out might not be ideal.  Of course, mayonnaise isn't all that great for you either.  Could you perhaps eat another type of fish at each meal?  Mix things up perhaps?  You can find some pretty strong opinions on this topic by performing a simple search.  Depending upon where you live, you might want to consider looking at governmental and not-for-profit websites first.  Good luck!

If I were you I would mix up the TYPE of fish that you're eating... and make sure you get troll-caught yellowfin tuna from the US. You can have a can of tuna, but supplement with canned salmon, mackerel or sardines for other meals! My mom loaded up on the canned tuna when she was pregnant, and lets just say, it didn't turn out well. So please be careful when consuming high mercury fish.

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