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Can Cranberry Cure Candida Infection?

Posted Sep 14 2010 7:36am

< p>Many people suggest home remedies for treatment of Vaginal Yeast infection. In truth, this infection is one of the most notorious diseases among ladies. The widespread nature of this infection is also responsible for the relief that it can be scientifically cured. Many folks who claim that it can be treated by home remedies claim that cranberry can be employed to treat vaginal yeast infection.

This fruit helps treat yeast infection by destroying assorted bacteria that adhere on to the urinary tract further aggravating the infection. It also makes an acidic environment in the vagina. Since yeasts flourish in alkaline surroundings, they find it hard to live in an acidic environment.

Dealing with Yeast Infection is not a problem any more. Try using Yeastrol Yeast Infection Treatment .

environment. Nowadays,

The pulp of cranberry can be applied on the infected areas to cure infection. But, topical application of cranberry may cause itching so it is normally avoided. Using cranberry internally is an brilliant thought to treat the issue. You can eat the fruit raw or take it in the shape of juices.

If you’re drinking cranberry juice to heal vaginal infection, ensure that you opt for the unsweetened versions. Considering that yeasts eat sugar. Drinking sweetened cranberry juice could irritate the issue further. But, unsweetened cranberry juice is really sour so you may not like the taste.

otherwise, you might use cranberry tablets which are widely available in the market. You simply need to gulp these tablets down with a pitcher of water to treat your yeast infection. They are as effective as their juice extract counterparts and can be taken for as the infection persists.

But, cranberries are generally not very effective even with their properties of being safe and natural. Therefore, they need to be teamed up with another form of yeast treatment methodology to be really successful to eliminate the infection from the body.

You could depend on an efficient OTC anti infection product along with drinking cranberry juice or eating cranberry tablets. IOTC yeast infection products like Yeastrol Yeast Infection Treatment offer brilliant results when it comes to treating the issue.

The Yeastrol Yeast Infection Treatment also has the distinction of being the only homeopathic medication available for anti yeast treatment. The product is made entirely of homeopathic elements and is safe for use without any likelihood of unpleasant side effects.

So if you are considering using cranberries to treat your yeast infection , then make sure that you use another yeast infection treatment simultaneously. Cranberry alone cannot help you get rid of your infection.

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