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Can anyone recommend any healthy living get-a-ways?

Posted by DrTouchinsky

The wife and I are looking for some vacation ideas.  I like the idea of some of these educational get-a-ways where you go to a resort or go on a cruise, and there are healthy meals provided and healthy living classes scheduled each day.  I found a few on the internet, but wondered if anyone her could give a recommendation based on personal experience.


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I highly recommend Canyon Ranch in either of their locations (Tucson, AZ or Lennox, MA). Full disclosure - I used to work at the Tucson location, but I know of no better wellness vacation than the one they provide. Combining fitness, nutrition, recreation (hiking, biking, golf, etc) and even a medical staff in beautiful locations. They even have a special "Life Enhancement Program" that has theme weeks.  Check it out - you won't be disappointed.
I just heard about a healthy living retreat for women- - maybe they would have a couples one as well? I don't know. The retreat looks amazing though.

If you like Mexico, there is a Palace Resot in the Can Cun/Playa Del Carmen area called the Adventura Spa, and its an incredibly fun and amazing vacation literally designed for healthy, active living for people who also want a vacation and relaxation options, one is kid friendly, the other is for adults. Literally a healthy adult's playground. (i like the adults only place better of course). Beautiful place too, and tons to do, and one is ADULTS ONLY!! There are two but I have a time share and you can travel between them (i believe you might be able to do the same without a time share) and they are also beautiful, all-inclusive resorts as well. Ive had a palace time share for 12 years and I've been to various palace resorts 15 times, I absolutely love their facilities. They are clean and georgeous, and you feel like royalty. There are tons of other palace resorts in the area depending on what your looking for, and they have tons to do- the resorts also offer a bunch of day trips and adventures outside the hotels. Check it out! Cancun is really NOT just for crazy spring breakers. The Adventure palaces and the Moon and Sun palaces are far enough (some very) from that craziness, and you could probably stay at the hotel the whole time and not ever leave and have a blast there is so much to do. Moon Palace also has a huge, georgeous golf course. I promise, you WONT be dissappointed!! I <3 it there.

look under "Resorts & Destinations"

then Rivera Maya

then Adventura Spa (adults)

or Adventura Cove (family)

not sure why it wont post the link but its at
You could go the spa getaway route which would include places such as Canyon Ranch, Miraval and The Golden Door. All of these are meant to put individuals on a path to wellness over the course of a few days to a week to sometimes even longer.
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