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Can a miscarriage be caused by stress?

Posted by KSal21

I guess my question is what exactly triggers a miscarriage?

I recently went through one, and I have no idea what caused it. I eat right, I exercise regularly (I stopped working so intensly when I found out I was pregnant) and Im mentally stable (meaning I dont have a reason to stress about anything).

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Welcome to Wellsphere, 

If your nervous system is feeling some stress, or is not communicating with your body in the right manner you may have trouble.  As a Chiropractor I see many women that are trying to get pregnant and have difficulty or are having problems carrying a child beyond the first tri-mester.  In most cases there has been a trauma either emotionally or physically to their low back or saccrum that inhibits the neurological signal to their uterus.  After careing for many of my practice members, with in a short period of time and after many adjustments, we restore the signal from the nervous system to the uterus and the problem goes away.  With that said as you can find all over the internet, you body knows when and when not to do things.  If your body isn't ready or there is a problem with the child, it will get aborted.  If everything in your life is as you say, rather stress free, and your doing the right things, I would suggest checking into Chiropractic care for conservative drug free ways to handle your bodies previous stresses.


Yes, stress has a tremendous impact on the body.  The best thing you can do is to evaluate the stress you are feeling and where it is coming from.  You should minimize specific stressors that trigger anxiety, feelings of depression, anger, frustration.  Practice deep breathing and meditation.  Build in you time as well.
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