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Camping Trip for Two

Posted May 27 2013 9:30pm

Having a three-day weekend was awesome. I hate to have it end already, but I feel so relaxed and rested and ready to start the work week. Today we ended the weekend with cleaning, errands, cookout with friends, and Braves baseball, but the highlight of the weekend was a camping trip for two.


We’ve been trying to get a camping trip together for the longest time, but our schedules have never seemed to line up at the right point until this weekend. We registered at REI when we got married(almost 3 years ago) and just now got to break in our gear. When I was in school it was hard to schedule a trip since I had class every weekend and other times it would rain, be way too hot, or just not work out in our favor. This trip was slightly spur of the moment and the weather was sunny and clear so we jumped at the chance.

If we hadn’t had gone this weekend it would probably be too hot to go again until September and with Travis traveling so much it was best to go this weekend. Plus, it was nice to have an extra day off to decompress and get all our gear cleaned and put away. I don’t know about you, but I always feel better after I unpack and clean up after a trip away, regardless of how long.

We didn’t have a spot in mind when we set out Saturday but knew of a few trails in North Georgia and planned on car camping so we just followed our noses.

The views were amazing.




The trails we hiked were to take us to some falls but we took the less hiked trails and found nothing. After three miles of down hill hiking we knew we needed to turn around since we didn’t have any idea where we were headed. Then we hiked three miles UP hill. That’s not fun when it’s HOT and you’re running low on water. I was exhausted after that hike, but luckily we found a great spot to set up camp for the night.


After setting up our tent, making a fire, and settling in it was time for dinner.

camping dinner

It could have been that I was starving after hiking up a steep hill for three miles, but this was the best meal EVER! Travis was in charge of making our meals during our trip and they were delicious! After dinner I was so tired, but really enjoyed hanging out in front of the fire and relaxing for the evening before bed. Our camping companion wasn’t as excited about camping and was slightly confused about what was going on.


She got in the truck a few times thinking we were going home, and when that didn’t happen she pouted. I love a Temperpedic bed too, but camping doesn’t have those types of amenities. She was not happy about sleeping in the tent with us and was restless the whole night. Not much sleep was had by anyone, but thank God for coffee.

breakfast camping

Breakfast the next day was equally as delicious as dinner made by my personal camping chef.


Breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, beans, bacon, cheese, and salsa.



After breakfast it was off for more hiking before heading back to the big city.

me and harper

me and travis

It was such an amazing weekend and I’m so grateful for the beautiful weather. I remember thinking how peaceful it was during our hike and how calm it felt to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I get so carried away by being on the go all the time I forget to take a second and really relax and take a minute to focus on being present. I didn’t look at the time once while we were camping/hiking and it was great. Not worrying about what time it was and where we needed to be or if we needed to be anywhere was so great. My cell phone died early on Saturday and I wasn’t worried about it at all. It was so nice to be unplugged and not check any kind of status. (I also knew in the back of my head that Travis had his in case of emergency)

Having a long weekend off was so nice and something I could definitely get used to. Last weekend was just as amazing, but in another kind of way so I’m really getting spoiled. These weekend trips are the best!

How was your weekend? Have you camped recently?


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