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Calorie Restriction Proven To Increase Longevity

Posted Jul 11 2009 12:00am

Juice Plus+® is the recommended nutritional supplement for adding more fruit and vegetable nutrients to your diet. Calorie restriction is the topic, for a longer lifespan --

Although many people hear calorie restriction and they think of eating less, it goes beyond that. Simple calorie restriction is not the key to longevity, although by itself may extend life a bit if you're just getting less of the 'crap' that you may be eating now. A slower death, if you will. (One of the reasons we advocate the use of Juice Plus+® is because it is an action that is easy for most people to take who want to support their health.)

However, when looking at a diet from the sense of what to eat instead of how much, then you can easily understand how calorie restriction will be happen almost automatically. Here's why: considering the diet of the average American and the recommended diet for optimal health, it's almost impossible to consume the same amount of calories without spending most of your time eating.

Ask yourself this: how many bananas would you have to eat to equal the calories of a typical fast food cheeseburger? Or how many apples or oranges would you have to eat to equal the calories of a typical soft drink (which by today's definition is 20 ounces or more)? The answer is most definitely, lots.  Here's more on the study --

Cutting daily calorie intake by 30 percent may put the brakes on the aging process, have beneficial effects on the brain, and result in a longer life span, according to a new 20-year study of monkeys published in the journal Science.

The study confirms in primates what's long been known in other species, including mice, worms, and flies. And it's no surprise to the humans who have taken the animal research to heart and adopted calorie restriction as a means to a (hopefully) longer and healthier life.

Brian M. Delaney has been eating 20 percent fewer calories than most people of his size and stature since 1992. "The new study confirms everything we have seen," says Delaney, coauthor of "The Longevity Diet" and president of the nonprofit Calorie Restriction Society, which had 2,000 members in 2007 and thousands more on mailing lists. "It also adds some new information on brain volume changes."

In the study of 76 adult rhesus monkeys (a species that shares many similarities with humans), only 13 percent of the calorie-restricted animals died during the 20-year period, compared with 37 percent of monkeys allowed to eat their usual diet. (The study began with 30 monkeys; an additional 46 were added in 1994.)

At the start of the study, the researchers analyzed how much the monkeys were eating and then cut the calories by 10 percent each month for three months in the calorie-restricted group. The other monkeys were allowed to eat as much as they wanted.

The calorie-restricted monkeys preserved volume in areas of their brain that have been linked to motor control, memory, and problem-solving. ( Read more... )

Comments: While the study shows the benefit of consuming less calories, let this be another motivating reason to adjust your diet to one that includes all healthy foods, starting with plenty of fruits and vegetables. While its hard to imagine that anyone who wants to live longer is just going to eat a single cheeseburger and fries and soft drink instead of a double cheeseburger, fries, and soft drink in order to try to live longer, the point should still be made that healthy dietary habits is what should be the focus, not just eating less.

A diet that is rich in whole food, raw fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources, and limits fats, salt, and sugar, is one that will 99% of the time be the one that provides you less calories and therefore the opportunity to live longer. And living longer isn't the result of just calorie-restriction, but instead the chance of dying from the most common diseases will go down dramatically.

And even if you still die from the same disease that you may have anyway, chances are that you're adding a good many years of a quality lifestyle, while suffering less. So choose a healthy diet today, and don't worry about what you ate yesterday.

While most people don't, won't, or can't get enough fruits and vegetables in their diet, we recommend you add Juice Plus+® nutritional supplement. Not to help you reduce your calorie intake, but add Juice Plus+® capsules to get the nutrients from a variety of fruits and vegetables that help support good health. Fruits and vegetables are still the key in their raw form as a substitute for most of the unhealthy foods and/or beverages that you may be consuming, as a way to get good nutrition and reduce calorie intake.

Dr. J. Patrick Havey
The Health & Wellness Institute, PC

Juice Plus+® comes in capsule form for adults, Chewables for kids, and Gummies for children.

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