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Calm Stress and Anxiety Naturally

Posted Dec 11 2012 8:16am

Stress and anxiety affects a large number of people and is now being considered as one of the hidden causes behind stimulating a number of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, early aging, and cardio vascular ailments. Many of you are not even aware that you are under stress and anxiety and live with it as a normal phenomenon. People fall in the grip of stress when they are under pressure at work, facing family and relationship related problems, facing issues related with health, etc. Although there are medical treatments and medication available for treating stress and anxiety, most of them provides a temporary solution and often comes with several side effects. What many of you are unaware of is that, there are natural remedies and methods available for treating stress, anxiety, depression etc. and you can fight stress effectively adopting such remedies and procedures evading it permanently without facing the side effects that would otherwise occur in medication. Below mentioned are some natural techniques and ways following which you can fight stress effectively.

Fighting Stress and Anxiety Naturally

  • Meditation: Mediation is an effective way to relax the mind. It not only relaxes your mind but also recharges it and makes it ready for facing the tasks and responsibilities of the day. Meditate in the morning and perform the associated berating exercises as they are proven by experts to kill stress and anxiety.
  • Physical exercise: Physical exercises only helps in developing muscles but plays an important role in make you fit and active. It is seen that people who perform regular physical workout are less likely to suffer from physical ailments. Patients suffering from diseases and syndromes are more susceptible to stress. Hence if you are physically fit and active you will not face stress and anxiety much as compared to an ill person. So indulge in regular physical activity and stay fit and healthy.
  • Healthy eating: Eating plays an important role in determining your health. Healthy eating ensures better health and better health leads to a stress free life. Therefore indulge in healthy eating recommended by experts. Try to eat more nutritious food items than fatty and cholesterol rich food. Consume different types of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. If you are a non-vegetarian consume more of fish as it is rich in proteins and low on fat. Fish also contains rich deposits of Omega 3 fatty acid which is extremely good for fighting aging and provides other health benefits as well.
  • Don’t bring work home: Complete your work and professional commitments at office itself. Work is always hectic and comes with a certain level of pressure. When you bring work home you bring the pressure along with the work and thus you remain deprived of the rest and relaxation you are supposed to take after your work.
  • Spend time with family and friends: Spend more time with family and friends as it relaxes you from the pressure and anxiety you face in the office regularly.
  • Have regular health checkups: Regular health checkups helps in the diagnosis of disease and ailments in the early stage thus helping in the better treatment and eradication of the disease. If you go through regular health checkups you will be certain of your health condition and will be psychologically less tensed about your health. 
  • Talk about your problems: Talk about your problems to someone close like a friend or your spouse. This will relieve you from the burden associated with the problem and your partner can help you in solving the problem by providing effective suggestions.
  • Schedule a proper time table: Follow a proper timetable if you wish to maintain a balance between your personal and professional life. Do your regular activities like mediation, exercise, breakfast, lunch, dinner, on time and make ample time for sleeping.
  • Adopt counselling therapy: Adopt counselling therapy if you have family related or marital problems. Counselling therapy helps in solving the personal and family related problems effectively relieving you from the stress and anxiety associated with it.
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