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Calling all Thunder thighs

Posted Jan 16 2013 1:21pm
As I am gearing up for my next Bikini competition, I would like to share with everyone what I am working on and struggling with. See, I know others have this problem too, and that's why I wanted to really dish out some tough love that I have dealt with myself over the past few years. So sorry if I offend anyone. But..

I struggle with "thunder thigh syndrome." So I'm calling all thunder thighs out.. so listen up.
Yup I'm talking to you. See men don't have the problem us females do. Us females are lucky to have something called Estrogen and that evil little devil likes to take that dessert you just shoved in your mouth and put it right on your butt and thighs. Don't get me wrong, I know men like when women have a little something something in the trunk but no one likes to turn around and see cellulite! EW. And hey, I have been there.

You either are pear shaped or apple shaped. This is how your body stores your fat. Well god made me into a pear gosh darn it, and he forgot my boobs too. So that means all my fat is stored in my lower body. This is something that I have worked on FOREVER. Many hard hours in the gym trying to get my booty to where I want it. Guess what? I'm still working on it folks. Its coming along after a lot of clean eating and plyometrics.

Is this you? Are you struggling with cellulite or having trouble getting those jeans up? Thank god for stretchy pants, right? Or maybe you want to see some definition in you legs. I know some girls have a pancake butt and two stick legs to match. Well I am here to help.

So you might be surprised by this but I was one of those people in high school. I did sports and was athletic so I could pretty much eat a whole thing of Oreos and be fine. Cookies for lunch? Sure why not. Well when I went to college I realized quickly that I needed to either get my butt in the gym or I would pay the fat price. I also learned that I needed to change my dietary habits. Funny that the girl shoving Oreos in her face now has a degree in Nutrition. I am trying to explain that I understand where you are coming from and it is possible to over come it.

Sorry to break the news sister but you can say all day that you "just have muscular legs" but that is not the real answer. Yes you might me athletically built, as am I, but the reason why you have bigger legs than YOU want (no one else) is because you have a layer of fat on top of that muscle. Fat takes up more room than muscle.

I know this because I experienced it. It was always one of MY " problem areas." MY body stores fat in my legs and butt ( not in my boobs where I would like it to go instead). I always thought it was because I was sooooo muscular. Well I was very very wrong. It is because of estrogen and my dietary habits.

When I changed how I ate and cut out all the processed sugars, the first, and best changes I saw were in my legs and butt. I was actually surprised at how little my butt got during competition training because my body fat was decreasing. Funny how I was lifting more weight than I have ever lifted but since I was eating different I was getting the results I wanted. Hello!!! Can I preach this anymore. Yes, Abs are made in the kitchen but so are gluts and thighs. You have to change your life style to get the results you desire.

The main diet change- sugar. Stop eating it period. When I started to get conscious about the added sugars in my diet, I was surprised to find it everywhere and in everything. You should get sugars from natural fruit, low fat dairy, and sweet potatoes.. Not processed packaged foods.

A diet focused on whole foods that aren't processed is best. Refer back to my staple foods list in a previous blog post for ideas. Ill keep posting about my butt and thigh progress along with some photos and workouts. Stay tuned!

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