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Call the repairman!

Posted Oct 05 2012 8:17pm
My blogger is clogged!

That is my dorky way of saying that I can't seem to gather my thoughts. Which is why I failed to blog yesterday...Once again, Award Winning Blogger. Ha!

Trying to sort through some things on the home front and I may share a lot of stuff, but some things need to be kept in the box, I guess.

You ever feel that way? Like some things are just yours and you need to be the one to deal with it?
Yeah...that's where I am right now.

I am in a transition phase in my life and I am not good with that. I am a rules and order kind of person. I like a plan. If I do something me, it is 'planned spontaneity'!

I have a 5k trail race in the morning and I was doing my 20 minute warm-up run this morning...
I was able to get my thoughts straight then. Running is good for that.

Despite all the hoopla going on around me (and in my head), it is amazing how much easier it can be when you have someone on your team. Yeah...I have my own cheerleader/support system/super hero.

Honestly, life is good. Everything else will fall into place.
And oh, how about this for some serious cuteness?

My new cat, Cleocatra. She has made life on the computer a bit tough...
I see a photo dump in my future! Not tonight though...

I am off to snuggle up with some magazines and a warm blanket...
Fall has smacked us upside the head here in Michigan and I am not a fan!

Do you have a favorite season?

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