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Call for Sponsors

Posted Mar 21 2013 5:00am

A few weeks ago I made the announcement that I will be speaking at FitBloggin ! With the conference 98 days away, and my plane ticket booked as of yesterday, I thought it was an appropriate time to explain a little bit about that ‘Sponsor’ tab you may have noticed on my menu.  Sponsor1

Sponsor Don’t you just love my ‘professional’  bio? I couldn’t resist putting that last line in there ;)

For those of you who don’t blog yourselves you may not be aware of how much time it actually takes to maintain this site. Here is a rough breakdown of how many hours I spend a week the blog:

7 hours Writing Posts. A new post goes live every weekday at 4 a.m. The only day in the last 8 months that has passed without a post was the day I got dumped . Aside from that, I plan and write out most of my posts a day or so in advance and make sure there is always something new to read when you stop by! Each post takes approximately 1-1.5 hours to take photographs, write, upload and edit.

2 hours answering emails. I counted and I’ve sent out 50 emails in the last 2.5 days just from my website email address (so this doesn’t include the 10+ I get from students every day!).

5 hours social media. I’m a bit obsessed with Twitter . Having almost 23,000 followers means I get a lot of messages on there and do my best to reply to them all! I also try to share interesting health/wellness news every few hours during the day and work on actively growing my audience.

5 hours pitching to companies and searching for/applying to freelance jobs.

Rounding up and that’s a total of 20 hours a week. All this is on top of the 5 college classes I teach!

This site is growing faster than I had ever hoped for (or planned for!) I’m thrilled people seem to enjoy reading what I have to share and hope to continue doing so for years to come. In order to help me continue to devote 20+ hours a week to the site I am hoping to start working more with companies via sponsorship packages. If you look at my Sponsor page and media kit you’ll get an idea of what I’m available for ( freelance writing , product reviews , hosting giveaways ,…)

If you are a company looking to connect with an incredible audience of readers please check out the Sponsor page and contact me ( to start brainstorming how we can work together!

Not a company? You can still help out! Many of you may have noticed I like to share products I love on here. Occasionally, I’ll link to the product on Amazon and, as an affiliate seller , I get a small percentage if you purchase that product. I’d like to ask that if you ever shop on Amazon for anything that you use this link and no matter what you purchase I will still get a small percentage. These affiliate profits will help pay for the site upgrade I’m planning on doing as soon as I can afford them (new layout, faster load times,…)

So, bookmark this link for future use and thank you so much for helping support what I love!

Finally, I’ve also been invited to the 2013 World Fitness Convention  put on by IdeaFit:



I won’t be speaking at this conference but I have been working with them as part of a blogger advisory panel. I’d love to make it there in August – I’m a born Cali girl and it has been far to long since I’ve been out West!

Thank you all for this rare ‘business’ sided post. I promise to get back to my regularly scheduled health-nut talk tomorrow.

Oh, and I updated my Facebook page with my new title: Existential Happiness Detective. So fitting.


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