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California Prop 37: Whose Side Are YOU On?

Posted Oct 14 2012 4:15pm

Consumers vs The Big 10
Not ONE human being has said "No" to GMO labeling. All $36 Million "No" campaign funding has come from the Big 10 offenders -you know, those who have told you that their products are safe, without testing or providing such information to the consumer.

"Yes" supporters are people you and me...moms, dads, kids, singles, marrieds, gays, straights, medical doctors, farmers, students, teachers, naturopaths, dental professionals, health practitioners, environmentalists...and non-profits and consumer

"Yes" supporters provided $3 Million in funding. It doesn't really cost much to get the facts out. It costs a lot more to create a hefty ad campaign that resembles a hockey game...deflect, deflect, deflect. The Big 10 must feel they have a lot to lose. We ALL lose, unless Prop 37 is passed.

The Uber-problem for the Big 10 seems to be liability. They must be highly concerned  about potential lawsuits from the upshot of their controversial biotechnology and negligence in testing -- especially with the substantial increase in, and creation of, neurological and childhood diseases. Leaky gut syndrome in 10 year olds? Wow. But it stands to reason that if these frankenfoods were created to make the stomachs of insects explode, they'll have a similar effect on humans -- especially children. 
GMOs were created 20 years ago, so there's a good chance that GMOs have been a big part - or the only part - of the diet of someone under the age of 20...and without their knowledge! You can't blame parents because they weren't informed, either.  This information does not appear on the required food nutrition and ingredient label.

Why no full disclosure, Big 10?  You spent boat loads of money on the technology -- 
If GMOs are so great, why not just be proud and label it?
If I sat down with the powers at Monsanto, I'd ask one question: If there's nothing wrong with GMO and GE products, why spend $36 Million on a "No" campaign to defend their position, when simply labeling the products, as they already do for nutrition facts and ingredients, will cost them nothing?

In a recent ad, the No supporters erroneously claim that farmers will suffer -- that's simply not true. There is no additional cost to farmers. There are GMO farmers who support Prop 37!

So, what can we, the people, do?

It's easy.
Vote YES on Prop 37 on November 6, 2012.

Your YES vote on California Prop 37 simply mandates labeling of GMO and GE foods. It allows the Big 10 to put the label wherever they want on their package. 
Fifty countries around the world have already implemented a ban on GMOs.  Why were we not FIRST?  We've been kept in the dark long enough!  We want to know what's in our food, so we can make informed choices when making purchases. We also have every right to know what's in our food.

Vote YES on Prop 37. Know your food source.
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