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Calcium during pregnancy choose milk or soy milk

Posted May 07 2013 4:48pm
  We all know that calcium supplementation during pregnancy is critical, especially pregnant women late in pregnancy the amount of demand for calcium, if not properly and timely supplement calcium, for pregnant women or pregnant women belly babyare all harm and no benefit, but calcium during pregnancy in the end we choose milk or soy milk?
  It comes to milk, soy milk, everyone seems to think the milk better, in fact, is not, is there a better source, that is, green leafy vegetables. Take our common pickled vegetables (mustard, Brassica juncea), for example, per 100 grams contains 230 mg of calcium, much higher than milk, at the same time there is a problem, the energy contained in 100 grams of whole milk about 54 thousand cards, 104 mg of calcium. 100 grams of mustard 24 kcal, the mustard potassium 284 mg, cheap hermes outlet  24 mg of magnesium than milk slightly higher. Studies have shown that magnesium deficiency will result in the loss of calcium, the two almost go hand in hand, and sufficient magnesium and potassium would be beneficial to reduce the loss of calcium and other green leafy vegetables are also rich in magnesium itself is one of the ingredients of the bone, vitamin K,  Hermes bracelet sale   we can help the deposition of calcium by the body better use. Really enlightened and careful study will find that green leafy vegetables is the most suitable for us used to supplement a good source of calcium.
  Of course you can supplement rich in calcium is not just mustard, I just to be illustrative, and high calcium green leafy vegetables as well as kale 128 mg, 187 mg of amaranth, Cheap hermes belt  lily 301 mg, 154 mg and other small rape. So to speak, not to say that on the bad milk, milk is an excellent source of calcium, after all, eating up more, it also contains vegetables essential nutrients. Milk, or vegetables, or are recommended for daily consumption, if it can be a two-pronged calcium, of course, is the best.
  The optimal mix of calcium-rich food
  Meals how to allocate can get a better source of calcium, cheap hermes bags  first select the high calcium food, the other is more with calcium and contain vitamin K, magnesium vegetables,  cheap hermes shoes   and foods containing vitamin D and walked everyday outdoor supplemental vitamin D.
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