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cake, babies, and driving

Posted May 26 2010 9:08pm

Sorry for my absence, but today was looooong!

I had a pretty average morning, but didn’t make it to the gym because I stayed up packing last night. However packing up my stuff and then packing and unpacking my car did break a sweat and required some heavy lifting, so that counts, right?! I had a pretty boring bowl of cereal with a banana & an apricot for breakfast then headed to the office for my last day of work!

Mona, my boss/my best friends’ mom/my “other mother”, ordered lunch for the office! I had a sandwich on foccacia bread of marinated portobello mushroom, tomato, lettuce, and harvarti cheese. There was supposed to be Caesar dressing on it, but you can never be certain if it is vegetarian or not so I skipped it. She also got me a cake! Of course I forgot to take my camera into the conference room (where we ate) but got a picture of the cake after we ate it! It said “Good luck, Meredith!”!

Mmmmmm layers of vanilla cream and strawberry! Definitely had a slice!

It was a very rich cake so the slices were small but so tasty!

After lunch, I finished up my last task and had tearful goodbyes with everyone! I already had to say goodbye to Jeff in the morning before work, and now my co-workers and Mona who I have lived with for nearly 6 months! But I had places to go, like the hospital.

No, no I’m not sick! My cousin was finally in labor! She is the first cousin to have a baby (she just got married in June!) and I feel like we’re all growing up now. She’s the oldest and was the leader of our ragtag gang of grandkids. Oh, all those summers at the beach! And now she’s a mommy! I spent a few hours with her but left to pack up my car. She delivered a healthy baby boy, Luke Caleb 8 lb, 11 oz (HUGE), while I was driving to my mom’s house!

Baby!!!!!!! (Sent from my uncle's cell phone)

So after I left and packed up my car, I shipped out and said goodbye to Virginia Beach! Actually, saying goodbye to Mona & Jeff’s puppy, who was basically my puppy this whole time, was the hardest. Her sad little eyes made me feel bad about the suitcases!! I’ll be at my mom’s house on and off for a couple weeks before vacationing in France, working in Richmond briefly, and moving to Texas! On the 4 hour drive, I ate some Kashi crackers, an apple, and a Clif MoJo bar. And when I got home and was exhausted from all the moving and starving because it was 9:30pm, I inhaled some low fat Chex Mix, cherries, and a whole wheat wrap with lettuce, hummus, and cheese. Then ate some Jelly Belly jelly beans for dessert :)

Now I’m super exhausted and going to bed. Not much on the agenda tomorrow except for run some errands, bake/cook, and go to the sports medicine doc for my knee!

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