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Caffeinated Alcohol – A Drinking Hazard

Posted Oct 29 2010 4:05am

Have you heard about cocktail drinks – the mixture of various drinks they serve us? Well that is to enhance just taste and dilute the adversities that may be caused by pure hard drinks. Apart from this, there is hardly any issue pertaining to better health related to these cocktails. Fusion drinks, as I call them. Ah. Recently I had come across one more mixture of drinks, and this time it was two really oddly compatible drinks. It came by mixing alcohol and caffeine. Weird, doesn’t it sound? Well, it is a new concept, hardly out in the market, but there are cases where people have tried this drink and landed back to emergency rooms. The population that was most seen to attempt this kind of a drink or beverage is seen to be of students and working professionals. Their fondness of consuming alcoholic drinks and beverages led them to try this drink, thinking it would reduce their hard times.

Caffeinated AlcoholThe Docs claim that these drinks are bad. They just seem cooler because it is a new fusion. The caffeine just masks the ill- effects of alcohol and does not let the drunk realize how much of intoxication has taken place in the insides of his body. The perception of the drinker is well distorted and, hence, they do not understand how much drunk they are. A few examples of such drinks can be named as Red Bull, Four Loko, etc. These drinks are supposed as high energy providers and though they have high alcohol contents in them, the amount of caffeine is as good as in a mug full of coffee. These drinks are more common among campus students, athletes, sport stars, movie highlights, wrestlers, young professionals, and so on.

Not just the great taste and the feeling the drinkers get possessed with after consuming such caffeine- alcoholic beverages, but the cheap price makes these drinks even more viable for entry into one’s routine. Just about $3 for a can, and the contents are equivalent to four $ cans of beer. ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’, a metaphor to this quote can be set as ‘where there’s alcohol , there is a controversy’; not just one, but two, three, four and many more. Initially such caffeine based alcohol drinks had gained popularity among the younger generation and consistent drinkers, late until the hazards were uncovered. This popularity led to many controversies, so much that the court proceedings and investigations crept in from the Food and Drug Administration. They charged the hosts for producing and processing food products that induce hazards to the health of the consumers. Due to the regulation of such laws, many manufacturers of alcoholic drinks, who were involved in the production of caffeine based alcoholic products, had been compelled to discontinue the production. Another option was to skip the inclusion of caffeine from the preparation of the drink. A reminiscence of such a case is of the Sparks drink which had been a first energy drink introduced in the market. The brand had to be withdrawn due to mixing of caffeine and alcohol in the drink.

Alcohol and caffeine mixture can lead to severe alcohol poisoning in the body. Alcohol poisoning is nothing but intoxication of the body with harmful elements produced by the chemical reactions between alcohol and caffeine and other ingredients of the processed drinks. In many cases, such drinks are seen to cause addiction too.

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