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By:Joe Norton ...

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:57pm

By: Joe Norton

Living on campus during the summer , but you’ve got no meal plan!?! Don’t worry, I’m facing the same situation.

Here I’ll share with you some of the ways I’ve dealt with this. It’s not easy going from a hefty meal plan to none at all. Especially when you’re pretty light on cash (aren’t we all).

  • Go Grocery Shopping - Not the most convenient for most, but arguably the most affordable and definitely the easiest way to get a hold of healthy options. Going to the grocery store and making that once a week (or twice) stop allows you to save mucho dinero by buying in bulk (kind of) and gives you the freedom to choose what you will be eating the upcoming week. Chicken, veggies, and rice anyone?
  • Get Hoagies… No, Not Cheesesteaks - So maybe not every city has this issue, but here in Philadelphia it’s difficult to step into most “cheap” restaurants without having a glistening pile of steak, cheese wiz and onions in a roll staring right back at you. My suggestion: Get the turkey with all the veggies and hot peppers on it. HOLD THE MAYO!!! Or get a grilled chicken sandwhich of some sort. Just try to dodge the fried foods and cheeses and most hoagies are semi-healthy.
  • When you have a chance, eat whole wheat - Not every place gives you the option, but when they do. Take it. It’s proven to reduce bellyfat ( so says Penn State )
  • Mix It Up - Don’t eat at the same place everyday. It’s easy to get comfortable with your favorite sandwhich at your favorite pizza shop. Despite how much your stomach may like it; it’s not good. Eating the same thing all the time (even if it’s a nice turkey on whole wheat with LTO and mustard) is bad for your body. You need to have a well-rounded diet and this can only be done by changing up what you eat. So follow your palate and eat at multiple places around town so long as you can make healthy choices and not spend everything you’ve got.
  • Pack A Lunch (or dinner) - When you are busy during the summer; either with school or work, it’s easy to forget about the food and your fridge and to rely on eating out all the time. Not only does this pack a serious punch on your wallet but it’s also not the best way to make sure you get all the nutrition you need. Try to pack your lunch or another meal on occasion. The only real way to decide 100% whats in the food you’re eating is to make it yourself.
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