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By:Joe Gather ...

Posted Nov 03 2008 8:56pm

By: Joe

Gather round my beer-bellied frat boys and artsy chicks. Just joking. But seriously. Gather round. Because, here I am going to present to you everything a college student needs to know about abs… So we can hunt down those bastards…

So I know you’re asking:

Exactly how much weight do I have to lose to make my abs visible?

Weight isn’t the best way to explain it, rather think of it as Body fat %. Here’s a chart I grabbed from that Mission Abs ebook I mentioned above. He also uses it for his Burn the Fat series.


Here’s the scenario: Imagine (or don’t) you’ve just spent 2 years losing weight so now you are the slimmest you’ve ever been. Only you don’t see your abs just right yet.

Well, sadly it happens all the time. On occasion, the lack of appearance of abs can be attributed to genetics. However, a great deal more of what affects whether or not abs are visible is our personal lifestyles.

Don’t have abs? 3 Questions will tell you what you need to do

  • Is Nutrition in order?
  • Are you Exercising all the muscles of your abdomen?
  • Are you doing Cardio to keep body-fat % down?

For me, it was this last point that got me. I wanted to get those defined abs, but couldn’t just make up for cardio with more of the other two?

This weekend, while reading Mission Abs by Tom Venuto, bodybuilder & personal trainer, I found out why I’ve never been able to make my lopsided equation equal defined abs.

“People have different body types and vary how much cardio they need, so I could tell you what I do, but it may not be the same for you. We all know some mesomorph, which is the genetically gifted body type, who does zero cardio and has shredded abs all year round. Most people need cardio to get lean and see defined abdominals—at least three days a week, and you increase from that point based on results.

For me and a lot of other people, three days is only maintenance. If I stop doing cardio, I gain enough fat so the abs are gone no matter what I eat. That’s just the way my genetics and body type are. That’s why I do my cardio all year round, but I cycle the amount, type, frequency, duration, and intensity, so when I increase the volume during a cutting phase, my body responds to it.”

I couldn’t believe that even an elite bodybuilder like Tom Venuto requires 3 days a week of cardio for 30-45 minutes just for ab maintenance! No wonder I wasn’t seeing all the results I wanted!

Now I know your getting excited now that you know what’s been missing form your plan to get abs. I just have alittle more to share, if you stay and read - you will be able to be even more effective.

So, now you know you gotta do cardio, excerise, and nutrition all right? Sheesh. Abs sure take a lot of maintenance.

Download your own free copy of Mission Abs by Tom Venuto

It’s short and sweet and your new abs will thank you.

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