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Buyer’s Remorse

Posted May 06 2010 6:38am

I had severe buyer’s remorse yesterday.  Last week I went to Express and bought some stuff.  Little did I know that just two dresses and accessories would come out to $211 bucks! WHAT THE HECK!  I didn’t really look at the prices until the register.  When I got home, I loved the dresses, but realized that at least one had to go back.  It was eating at me for a few days, so yesterday I finally returned an adoraaaaable dress and all my accessories.  I feel like a weight is off my shoulders now.  Just saw this coupon online though, so I may go back and get it ;)

$30 off $75 at Express .

Speaking of coupons, I had no idea that Lane Bryant was a plus sized store.  I printed off my coupon from yesterday and went in to get my free cami.  They said the smallest size they had there was a 13.  I may be the only one in the world who didn’t know this about Lane Bryant.  I guess it’s because I’ve never been in the store!

I did all this shopping & returning yesterday at lunch at our mall.  Our mall doesn’t have much good food, so I went with a slice of cheese pizza.  I was tempted to get all the greasy breadsticks they had on display, but only let myself buy one gynormous piece of cheese pizza.  YUM.

For dinner, I made some chicken and Au Gratin cheesy potatoes.  Pretty decent.

I like having something crunch with my meal, and this had no crunch at all.  So I had some Baked Lays chips afterwards to give me some crunch ;)

After dinner I went for a quick run outside before it started to rain.  I only ran one loop around my neighborhood which is 1.75 miles.  Ehh…it’s better than nothing!

Tonight we have to head out of town to the BF’s hometown for his stepdad’s surprise bday party.  It’s at a bar so hopefully I can drag him out of there early enough so this grandma can get to bed at her bedtime.  That’s going to be a tough task though.  No one likes to leave the party early, especially not my BF. 

Tomorrow, I leave from work to head back to Chicago for Mother’s day weekend.  It’s going to be non-stop busy from here until Monday.  Why do I always feel like the busiest girl in the world?  I don’t have a weekend free until June 11th! Damn.

 Has anyone else bought something before and immediately had bad buyer’s remorse?

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