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Butterfly Award

Posted Sep 13 2011 11:00am

A fellow healthy blogger AND fellow dietetic intern (soon to be RD) in my dietetic internship program Lexie at This Aussie Eats (super rad blog you should check out!) recently nominated me for the Butterfly Award.  Which in short means that I answer some burning questions! So here goes nothin’!

My Favorite Color:

It changes constantly but, I guess orange.  Orange is groovy.  Or maybe green…

My Favorite Song:

I am music junkie, and love nearly all genres but my all time favorite is anything Randy Travis.  He’s my guy.

(Fun little facts: I have a signed vinyl record of Randy Travis’ from when I was six months old.  No joke.  As a child I knew all the words to Randy’s albums and would put on shows for anyone who’d watch. Thank goodness I realized fairly young that I can’t sing. )

My Favorite Dessert:

I adore ice cream and cheesecake.  Though maybe not together.  Something that people tend to question about me, is that I DO NOT like chocolate.  I will tolerate it, but I would never choose it.  Caramel on the other hand, is another story.

What irks me:

Slow drivers (can you say road rage?), dishonesty, and social stigmas.

When I’m Upset I:

Have a drink, watch old movies, and complain to the Fireman while he pretends to listen.  Works like a charm.

My Favorite Pet:

My girls – Sammie and Charlie.  Who couldn’t love them?

Black or White:

Gray?  I don’t know, I am bad with colors remember. I could maybe choose one if I weren’t now signing Michael Jackson in my head.

My Biggest Fear:

As I get older I find myself having more fear about things both big and small than I ever thought possible.   I guess at this point, my biggest fear is no longer being fearless.

My Best Feature:

This question makes me feel awkward.

My Everyday Attitude:

I try live each day to my best ability.  Some days are good, some days could be better, but everyday I am blessed and everything happens for a reason.

What Perfection is to Me:

Imperfection.  I like real people, real lives, real stories.  I hate fakeness.

My Guilty Pleasure:

Whiskey. Good, Whiskey.

I’m going to pass the baton onto seven lovely bloggers I follow:

Katie @ Epicurean Mom
Erin @ Big Girl Feats
Chad @ The Break Up Note
Jen @ I Heart Organizing
Kelly @ Eat Yourself Skinny
Carolina & Katie @ Peas in a Blog
Lena @ Lena on the Beach

Have a great day!

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