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But I Want Cake

Posted Nov 13 2012 6:00am

I’ve never really had to worry about my weight growing up, I was always just a skinny girl . I was involved in sports throughout my school years, and I was always active doing something. My mother was a big influence in this lifestyle- she was very intent on teaching me to eat healthy and stay active.

But when I graduated high school and began to live as an adult, my habits changed drastically. I was still very thin- but I was not healthy . I began smoking, drinking, and my eating habits were atrocious. I desperately wanted to get back to being healthy, and when I met my husband in 2006, my lifestyle started to get back on track. He was a runner, and he helped get me back into my love of running . I also quit smoking and started eating better.

Weight still had not been an issue for me until I became pregnant with my first daughter in 2007. Although I thought I was tracking my food intake well, I still managed to gain eighty pounds . And it piled on quickly. Next thing I knew I was almost 230 pounds and about to give birth. Now, I knew that I would have to lose the extra weight after she was born, but I was secretly hoping she was a large sixty pound baby and I had only really gained twenty pounds. Wishful thinking…

I got to work pretty quickly after she was born but I had difficulty losing all the weight. I tried programs like P90x, Insanity, and even trained and completed a marathon, but I never lost all of that eighty pound gain.

The marathon for me was the most emotional and physically draining endeavors I have accomplished to date. The happiness and satisfaction I felt crossing that finish line was such an amazing and rewarding reality. I trained with Team In Training through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and I worked to raise almost $3,000 for the charity. The reward of seeing people directly affected by cancer cheering me on during my most strenuous mileage will live inside of me forever. It was truly an incredible and humbling experience and I am so completely grateful for that opportunity.

It was during this time, that I realized that being a size 10 and overweight wasn’t a factor in what I could accomplish. By BMI standards, I was considered overweight, but I had just completed a 26.2 miles and I was the healthiest I had ever been. I knew then without a doubt that the goal of getting skinny would be replaced by becoming healthy.

My second pregnancy fared way better than my first, I gained forty pounds, and I was very active and mindful of my diet throughout. I knew that I would still reach the same weight I was with my daughter, 230 pounds, because I had never been able to drop the full eighty pounds before getting pregnant again. So I decided to start my blog as a way to document my journey the second time around and hopefully motivate myself to stick to a healthy lifestyle.

My diet was changed to incorporate clean, whole foods. I mainly consume low-glycemic lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains . One day, while browsing the bookstore, I picked up a copy of Skinny Rules by Bob Harper , the celebrity trainer on The Biggest Loser. I started to incorporate some of his rules into my diet plan as well. Whatever I am doing seems to be working! I’ve lost 32 pounds so far and have about 20 to go to reach my health goal of 150 pounds .

I have always loved to write. I have used journals throughout my life as my outlet and a way to express myself. Blogging for me has proven to be a wonderful way to share my experience and work through my own issues or obstacles. I enjoy seeing the progress, as well as using this forum to express my ideas, views, and feelings about being healthy, raising kids, being a working mom, recipes, and whatever else comes to mind. I love sharing stories and meeting new people through blogging, and some of the friendships I’ve developed online have in turn become my biggest motivators and cheerleaders. The support has been amazing. I hope you swing by! Leave a note, suggest a recipe, tell me your story- I would love to hear all about it.


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