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Busy Days & A Summery Feeling Dinner

Posted May 03 2012 7:41am


Wow! Thanks for all the comments the other day! I was glad to hear on Tuesday’s post  that you guys have had some similar lessons from your workouts!


Training last night was a hard one. In a really good way of course.

Some moves included: wall sits with an overhead chop, grapevines (ya know, running sideways), hanging leg tucks,


Toe touches on the Bosu ball (in push up position with hands on floor and feet on Bosu ball – round side up – you take one foot off and tap your toe on the floor on the side of the Bosu ball and then bring it back up, alternating legs), waves with the big ropes, and cleans with over head press with kettle bell, and then straight legged tricep dips.


All those were definitely a killer (especially the Bosu ball and wallsit with chop!), but we did them all for a minute at each station! After two rounds I was sure I was near the end but he sprung us with a 3rd round that luckily was just 20 seconds at each station (which feels like heaven after doing a minute!)

It was a good circuit. I cant say it was one of my favorite mixes, but as far as working us hard, I liked it!

Once I headed home, it was straight to the kitchen for dinner time!

I, for some reason, have a ton of chicken in my fridge – so obviously I needed to put some to use in dinner, but I was not patient enough to wait for them to bake in the oven.

So chicken sandwiches it was!


With mini corn on the cobs on the side – yum!

It felt so summery! I think because this is typically something I’d make on the grill. Sadly, like I’ve mentioned before, we cant have a grill at our apartment so I did the chicken with a little BBQ sauce for flavor in a grill pan and then the corn on the cob was this kind:

file later 091

I prefer that kind over the “frozen boil” kind, it just seems to have a lot better taste and texture to me!


Lots to do today! I’ve actually ended up having quite a busy week all together, I suppose it is that time of year!

I have quite a bit going on today including a health exam first thing in the  morning (which makes me have to wait to drink coffee until after 9:30….I’m gonna be a zombie!), a few appointments for work, and a hair appointment to trim this mangy mane of mine!

Tonight will be spent doing laundry for sure… I’m getting down to the nitty gritty of my closet; and I’m not gonna lie, it isnt pretty.

Have a fabulous day!

  • What is a food that feels “summery” to you?
    For me, most stuff on the grill and watermelon!
  • Corn on the cob: Nay or Yay? If you like it, how do you eat it?
    I love it! Especially grilled. But I just do a little margarine and salt (one of the only things I put salt on!)
  • How often do you cut/trim your hair?

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