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Busy, Busy!

Posted Mar 02 2013 6:06pm
You ever have nesting days?
Those are the days that you can't seem to sit still and have to clean, or just be doing something?
Yep, that's me today.
I have cleaned out cupboards, refrigerator, freezer...Ha!I get a little too excited about throwing stuff away. But I am a little whacky about expiration dates.There are probably worse habits than being mildly OCD and Germ-a-phobe-ish (yes, it is now a word!)I have some Spicy Chicken soup simmering on the stove. I roasted some edamame for Ian.As soon as I get done here, I am putting a kabocha in the oven to roast. Yum!I did get my sweat on this morning. Oh man, it was a great workout, too! Yep, I was on fire this morning! Ha!It was a cross training day. Tomorrow is my 4 miler.It has been snowing all day today, so I am pretty sure it will be a treadmill kind of morning.Oh well, whatever works, right?Because I have the attention span of a chipmunk on caffeine, I spent my workout brain storming new muffin combos. I will call this multi-tasking...I am not kidding, I even impressed myself with this idea! It is a muffin version of a lemon bar!I don't really like lemon bars, or even lemon meringue pie. That lemon pudding weirdness is just not for me.BUT, I love lemon!The flavor was awesome, but it was way too dense. I am definitely working on this one until I get it right! Lemon-y and crumbly!If you are a lemon bar fan, you will want to stay tuned for this one!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend.Any PR's? Good runs? Bad runs?The fabulous N20 (aka, my boyfriend) is a pacer for the Little Rock Marathon tomorrow.Let me know if you plan to be there!
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