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Busy, Busy, Busy, Busy, theres so much to do

Posted Jan 05 2010 9:06am
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The title today is a nod to a brain infiltrating song off of Harper's favorite toy, this thing:

It's by Fisher price and if you have a kid around a year old I suggest you go buy it stat.  It actually has 4 legs, its a table, I take 2 off so she can play on it b/c she can't stand on her own yet.  We walk around singing the songs off her toys and Yo Gabba Gabba all day long.  I'm sure some other moms can relate.  Harper just started crawling a few weeks ago and boy has life changed. It is so much more work. I have to constantly be following her around to make sure she doesn't do something stupid. And believe me they always try to do something stupid.  Stick fingers in outlets, eat dog bones, pull lamps down by their cord, etc, etc.  Good times, I wouldn't trade it for the world!

It is another horrifically snowy day in Cleveland and I just don't feel comfortable taking her out in it. How bad would I feel if I got into a wreck with her in the car. And besides when I was pregnant I very gracefully crashed my car into the garage while backing out of it.  I am not allowed to wreck the car again or the husband might just divorce me.  Joking of course.  He can't divorce me b/c then who would do his laundry and scoop the cat litter?  I decided I need edsomething warm for breakfast today as opposed to the green monsters I've been doing, enter:

I have been meaning to try this stuff for awhile. It was very good, very hearty and has lots of different grain textures. I mixed in natural PB and pumpkin butter. Very good.

I am really sore today so I wanted to do a stretching DVD, unfortunately my On Demand didn't have any. But I found something really great under Family workouts.  The Goodnight show is on Sprout TV and it teaches kids yoga!  How cute. There were 2 of the workouts on my On Demand, they are 7 mins each. I went ahead and did them while Harper watched. I think that when she is older I might just have to do yoga with her every night before bed as part of our nighttime ritual!  Such a good idea.  Nina, the instructor explains the moves in cute ways, like when you swan dive down, she tells the kids to bend over from their hips and smell the flowers and you do moves like airplace while pretending to fly around side to side.

Next I wanted to get my blood pumping, but I wanted something mindless and easy so I could keep an eye on Harper and even incorporate her if possible, so I decided to do a walking DVD that was also listed under Family Workouts.

It was about 30 mins and supposedly you walk 2 miles.  It has very basic moves, walk in place, kicks, side to side jumps, hamstring kickbacks. I really got into it and acted silly and entertained Harper while I did some old school aerobics. I even picked her up and bounced her around while walking in place.  It was fun! 

Shortly after this she went down for a nap and I took the dogs out in the yard and we played ball. Which is more like a search and rescue mission right now b/c they can't find the ball very well in the snow.  After we lost 3 balls I called it quits. It's going to be like an easter egg hunt out there when the snow starts to melt, there must be 20 tennis balls in our yard.  When we came back inside I noticed that my wet dogs smelled like farm animals, so I decided some baths were in order.   Both dogs and my cat Sara got baths.  Now everyone smells good!  We sleep with our dogs, so I wash them a lot, who wants to cuddle with a stinky dog?  A lot of people don't wash their cats, but I do.  Sara gets very staticy and dandruffy in the winter, a nice warm bath with head and shoulders shampoo makes her look like a new cat.  If you have a cat, give it a try!  If you have a hard time holding them wrap a towel under their armpits and hold them up with that while you just suds up below their pits.  A good time had by all, hardy har har.
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