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Busy busy bee!

Posted Apr 29 2011 9:32am

Writers Block.

So, I’m going to do what I always do when I’m confronted with a wall.

Smash through it… like Kool Aid.


Sometimes it’s just easier to break through it, than it is to find a way to climb over it. The odd thing is, I have plenty to write about. I have been busy and I’ve had a lot going on. So I am just going to type until  I run out of words.

I’ve seriously considered going back for my Masters. Undecided, but narrowed down. My MBA, or my M.Ed? Business savvy for a non-profit or Higher Education Admin? Study for my GRE’s or my GMAT’s?

The point is, I’m ready. I miss school. I need school. I’m excited for this endevour.

Taekwondo > life. I have such an amazing community of peers from the dojang. How did I ever live my life this long without them?  Without getting too gushy, it is an amazing feeling of comfort to know that on any given day that I step into the studio, someone there will make me smile. Late night texts, early morning emails, fun parties.  I am blessed. Speaking of TKD, I am officially a green stripe and I am learning some amazing stuff. In June will be my green belt test, thus, a 2011 Dezolution will be complete. If I stay on track, it looks like I can be a blue belt before the end of the year.


Here are some Before and After photos. Before July 2008, and After is April 2011.  Slow and steady wins the race. I’m not looking for a quick fix.  Taekwondo has definitely speeded up the process, along with South Beach Diet.

I have been busy, and I’m GOING to be busy for a very long time. But, lets take a look at some if the events I’ll be sharing with you!

May 12th – In House Sparring Competition

May 14th – Kathy Griffin

May 17th – Fleet Foxes

May 19th-21st She Con Blog Conference in Miami!!!!

June 11th – Boston International Taekwondo Competition

June 16th – Green Belt Test

June 18th – Kick-a-thon & Online Auction

The Kick-a-thon and Online Auction I would love to share some info with you. I’m on the committee and working dillegently to organize. Lots of heart going into it (:

Feel like donating to a good cause? I’m participating in my TKD club ‘Kick-a-thon’ half the proceeds goes to The Friends of the Floating Hospital. I’m collecting donations in any amount! The event is Saturday June 18th, and I’ll be there throwing 1000 kicks and doing board breaks ($10 per board)! So what do you say, help a ninja out? :)
There are 3 ways to participate.
1. Tell me you’re interested in donating, and I’ll collect the money from you when I see you sometime. (Easy)
2. Go to this website and donate online. Just type my name in the Members Box: Click here for the Online Donation Link! (Easiest)
3. Bid on something for our Online Auction. (Wait till June when the Auction Opens)
We have some amazing items to bid on such as  
- 4 month enrollment to Cross-Fit
- A spa package from Sedona Sun Day Spa
- 4 Pack of Combo Tickets from Super Duck Tours , good for Upper Deck Tours AND Duck Tour!
- a $250 Gift certificate from Salon Euphoria
And a TON more prizes and packages. Check in with the website for updated auction items. If you’re interested in donating an auction item, I would love to talk to you about it!
Thank you so much for your time, happy bidding!

So this has been my crazy busy life and I love every second of it. You shall be getting some updates shortly, now that I am settling into a new routine.

With that said, how has your Spring been treating you?

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