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Bury Negativity and Embrace Positivity: Choose Happy

Posted Sep 11 2012 3:32pm

How beautiful life becomes when you learn to bury negativity and embrace positivity!

As many of you know, I’ve been on this #ChooseHappy kick for quite awhile now.   Read more about the movement, the pledge, and get inspired HERE .  But, I really must say: the essence of BEING positive is releasing all that is negative.  You can never truly embrace happiness until you are living a life that allows for it.  You can never be a genuinely positive person until you can look forward to each day for the blessings that it will indubitably be bestowed upon you.

So, do you think I am crazy yet?! Hope not! ;)

While I have undoubtably noticed a change in myself, today was SO refreshing because multiple OTHER people payed mind to the difference in my mood, demeanor, and overall happy-fied personality (yes, I make up words A LOT).

Today alone, I received TWO separate/random text messages from friends that simply MADE MY DAY.  It’s truly a sign from God that I am making so many changes for the better.  And it’s such an amazing feeling to know that I not only feel this positivity inside, but I portray it outwardly.

How awesome is THAT?!

Confession: For a lot of my life (okay, most of it), I have been very negative.  Just critical, cynical, and overall pessimistic.  Just recently, I have overcome this.  Why?  Because it’s pointless.

I have found such contentment with myself, my faith, and my life.  And it’s become absolutely beautiful.  It’s all in your perceptions, your thinking, and your mentality.  CHOOSE HAPPY.

Stop doing the things that bring you down.  You don’t need the negativity; you are SO much better off without it.  The moment you release the negativity, you make room for all that is positive, uplifting, and good for your SOUL.

What’s a happy-go lucky feeling if it cannot be shared?!  It’s all about paying it forward.  Use your positivity to be happy and put a smile on another person’s face!  For instance, this morning I went to Starbucks.  Shocking, right?! ;)  And, a random stranger complimented me and told me how “ridiculously tone” my legs are.

 So, not only was I INSANELY flattered but it simply put a smile on my face.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know that last night I had a jerk of a worker at Hollister insinuate I was fat for not fitting their “skinny girl” mode.  So, I needed this compliment today.  I have NO PROBLEM not fitting a stereotypical mode.  In fact, I embrace exactly how hard I work to NOT fit this mold.  Sorry I am NOT sorry, Hollister Jerk Boy.  And don’t worry.. I gave him a SWIFT kick to his… umm… integrity for his comments. ;) TRUST ME.

Alright folks… please, please, please embrace the positivity in your life.

Release the negativity and choose to BE HAPPY.  Do what makes you happy, be the you that makes you happy, and let your light shine.  Compliment others.  Show the world around you that YOU are positive and you are happy.  Do it for yourself and SHARE IT WITH OTHERS.

Embrace it.  Love it.  Be it.

Why? Because you can.

xoxo Savvy Sassy Me

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