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Burns – Causes, Treatment and Precautions and Tips

Posted Nov 16 2009 10:01pm
POST DETAILS: Introduction about burns and types, important things related to burns, complications, when to contact the doctor, things to be remembered and its prevention and suggestions.

  What are burns?
Burns are nothing but damage to the skin caused by fire, electricity, heat, radiation or chemical reactions.

What is the first-aid treatment for the burns?
The first and foremost thing you have to do is to stop the extent of damage to skin and prevent the burn from becoming still worse.

Burns are classified into 3 types:
First degree burns – in this type the skin is painful, red, and sensitive to touch and damaged skin is moist due to leakage of fluid from deeper layers of skin
Second degree burns – in this type there is an appearance of blisters on skin and damage for skin is much deeper when compared to first degree. Here also skin is sensitive and painful.
Third degree burns - in this type all 3 layers of skin are dead and blisters are not found here. The burned skin lacks sensation and due to damage to nerves there are no pain sensations. Skin graft is necessary here in these burns.

3 important points to be remembered here are:
1) Place the burned area (skin) under running water (cold) and note that water must not be too cold.
2) The above procedure must be kept even for 1 hour or more until the pain stop.( it is beneficial if continues for 4 hours)
3) Note that first degree burns (like sun burn) doesn’t require the above procedure.

What are the complications?
1) The burned skin is more prone to infections as it loses the ability to protect the body. So we have to clean the damaged skin thoroughly in the first six hours while it is healing.
2) Scarring can occur due to severe burns.
3) In sever burns body loses high quantity of fluid which is a disturbance for blood circulation. So fluid and salt balances should be maintained well.

Things you must know regarding which burns need treatment by health physicians.
1) All third degree burns and most second degree burns are to be taken immediately to doctor.
2) Burns on hands, neck, face and groin. Burns bigger than size of the palm.

Two Things to be remembered:
1) Never apply any ointment on burns and water is the best and only thing to be used.
2) Never forget to have a tetanus injection if you have not had a booster dose for last 10 years.

How to prevent burns and any suggestions?
As it is rightly said “ Prevention is better than cure
1) In a house kitchen is the most prone area where burns can occur easily due to simple accidents. So buy a fire-extinguishing blanket and keep in the kitchen room where it is easily accessible.
2) While cooking please see that children are away from that cooking area.

I hope you liked this post. Do you know any tips to prevent burns at home ?Or any remedies for the burns ?  Please comment so that other readers of this blog are benefited.

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