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burning sensation in Achilles tendon

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Left Achilles tendon has burning sensation
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It sounds like you could have the beginnings of Achilles tendonitis, which is an inflammation of the Achilles tendon. Does the area feel warm to the touch? Is it worse with a lot of activity?  If it is tendonitis you'll want to take stress off of the area in order to reduce the inflammation. Sometimes inserting slight heel lifts (i.e. Dr. Scholls) in both shoes (so your leg length stays even) can help. Icing the area after being on your feet a lot or exercising can also help. Gentle stretching of both of your major calf muscles (especially the soleus muscle of the lower part of the calf) might also be beneficial.

no it not warm to touch it feels like someone is pinching and pulling my skin apart on top of my arms and on top of chines which gives a burning streching feeling and it hurts preey bad.

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