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Burger King's health(ier) "SatisFries"

Posted Sep 24 2013 5:21pm

Hear ye, hear ye *ahem*

His Majesty, the (Burger) King, doth hereby proclaim a novel low-fat, lower-calorie french fry, available for nom nom times. Thou shall hear (marketing) tales of these " SatisFries " in the days that cometh. Foremost, Fry-lovers, be ye assured that SatisFries doth retain their fullsome fried nature (none of this baked cop-out route to healthy-ville that chips oft follow). Verily, the trifecta of indulgent ingredients - potatoes, oil, and batter - remains unaltered. Lest ye decry sorcery alone couldst yield uncompromised taste for calories few, be privy to the secret alteration. *Lean in now* The secret lies in re-jiggering the batter recipe, that it may absorb lesser quantities of oil whilst frying. Tarry not, go thither to a Crowned Burger Joint and taste these golden straws this very e'en. Yay, merrily! Huzzah! Cheerio ... Fare thee well for I've run out of Old English words.

But you get the picture. BK rolls out french fries riding on the sales pitch that their revamped recipe has 40% less fat and 30% less calories than the fries at the Golden Arches.... We've got Anderson's attention now.
But the comparison warrants a disclaimer that, as with all sales pitches, is conveniently left out. Fast food places have their own ideas about what constitutes a small, medium, or large serving. So while it may be true that ounce for ounce, BK fries pack a less caloric punch, a small order of SatisFries at BK has 270 cals, which comes in at 40 cals more than a small order of regular fries at McD's, which has 230 cals. BK's "value" size of Satisfries, with 190 cals, is closer in weight to McD's small, but who's gonna know that? Aside from the erudite readers of this here blog, most people will waltz into BK and order the small Satisfries feeling (erroneously) chuffed they did better than ordering small at McD.

Also slightly irksome is that BK will be charging more for the healthier alternative. Not by much, only 20 cents more. I guess it's just the principle that bothers me. Why must healthier fare typically cost more. Le sigh.

Overall though, this product move gets my thumbs up. I'm all for catering to health-conscious audiences. P.S. Rest easy, traditionalists, the SatisFries won't be replacing BK's classic fries, but rather, be sold in addition to them. SatisFries are easily distinguishable by crinkle cut.

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