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Bugs want slugs and slugs want your organic kale..

Posted Jun 07 2011 12:18am

I've been distracted but I have been pondering what my next post would be about. Inspiration normally just falls out of the sky for me... and I was waiting for it...but it didn't come. I thought about cooking or maybe stretching my artistic side (only very few know about it). The only thing that bounced around my mind was thoughts about negative advertising methods and how they impact you and me and everyone else that switches on the TV, reads a magazine and listens to the radio.

People come in to see me for weight loss, which is common and normal these days. They struggle between "healthy" and "unhealthy" food choices, proportion sizes and living the life they want to live. There is no secret to this secret, you must eat the right food, in the right proportion and move in the right way to be at your ideal weight. What is it that keeps them in the negative yo-yo and food obsessive cycle? ADVERTISING.

We've been placed in front of the television since we were how old and bombarded with advertising imagery before we could even talk. Now you might think that you make conscious choices in what you buy, that it is really you making the decision... I'll put my money on this one. That your choices are from what you've been exposed to at the right moment in time for you to tell yourself "yes I need one of those" or "Ohh that looks yummy!!". Who is born into his world thinking of Doritos or BMW's or Channel sunglasses? (can you tell that last one was one of mine!! Until I weened myself off). We are however born into this world thinking about our stomachs and if we feel the cold and our mothers. So our needs start of very simply.

Our minds process thoughts in images. In other words we think in images. If I tell you not to think about a pink elephant... what pops into your mind? If I bombard you with pictures of Cocoa Pops since you are the age of 5, in between your favourite cartoon shows... chances are Cocoa Pops will be on your mind next time your mum goes to the supermarket or if you're sitting in the trolley you'll spot that yellow box. Things don't change much either, look at what your favourite foods are today and they likely have been tricked into your favourites folder in your mind. Advertisers pay millions of dollars to place these images on prime time television and on front pages of your reading material and the Internet. They pay more for advertising than the quality of the product. My body wasn't born loving Cocoa Pops but Kellogg's will try and make you think so, it's in their best interest.

What you expose your mind to will influence you. Let your 8 year old girl watch Rhianna S&M video clip every morning and see how her behaviour changes. . .

So coming back to my point of weight loss and food choices. Start surrounding yourself with the right stuff, turning off KFC ads and removing yourself out of the media's way. Women's magazines love displaying their Sara Lee products, right after their feel good stories making you as susceptible as a sponge. It takes time to unplug and retrain yourself back to making choices YOU really want. Eating the right food, in the right proportions and moving in the right way because it's only natural and normal to function in that way.

It's only natural to want natural foods. All wild animals want the foods that nature intended. Birds want bugs, bugs want slugs, slugs want your organic kale, wolves want rabbits, and rabbits want grass. I never asked to be exposed to advertising that manipulates our food and lifestyle choices...did you? It requires work to create the change within yourself that increases your own awareness to why you buy what you buy and why you eat what you eat but it can be done!

Read how the tobacco industry influenced millions and million of people to become addicted and the effort companies go to so you can make them wealthy!

This is also a super read...

A nice perspective on food and culture...

I guess at the end of the day I knew what I wanted to post about but ignored it, hoping I'd have the urge to make a vegan blueberry pie or nut mylks or something... no such luck! Till next time lovelies!

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