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BSI: Bulgur Wheat

Posted Jun 21 2010 9:17am

The lovely Rebekah asked if I would be interested in hosting this week’s BSI challenge – my response? Heck yes!!

BSI stands for Blogger Secret Ingredient. Each week a new host picks an ingredient andanyone (food blogger or not) can submit a recipe. The contests starts on a Monday, and recipes need to be submitted by Sunday night of that week. Then the next day the host chooses a winner and picks someone to host next weeks contest.
It is up to each weeks host to deem what the prize will be.

the rules?

1. i pick an ingredient, preferably one that is in season and readily available and not too expensive;

2. i link back to all the other previous weekly hosts;

3. i review all your lovely recipe submissions by Sunday night (june 27th, 2010);

4. i pick a recipe that is my favorite; and

5. i’ll post the winner Monday morning and send the winner a token prize of my choosing.

6. you do not have to have a food blog to particpate

7. you do not have to submit a photograph

8. if you don’t have a blog, you can submit your recipe to me, and i will post your recipe for you!

here’s the past lovely blog hosts:

Week 83:   Clarity in Creation – Peaches

Week 82:  Mo’s Kitchen - Rice

Week 81:  Waisting Duxie - Swiss Chard

Week 80:  Fuss Free Flavours - Capers

Week 79:   Jenn Cuisine - Honey

Week 78:  Living Free - Cashews

Week 77:  Affairs of Living – Artichokes

Week 76:   One Frugal Foodie - Sunflower Seeds

Week 75:  Part of the Whole - Beets

Week 74:  Dinner at Christina’s - Sour Cream

Week 73:  The Chef in My Head - Goat Cheese

Week 72:  5 Star Foodie - Asparagus

Week 71:  Eats Well With Others – Carrots

Week 70:  Burp and Slurp - Brussel Sprouts

Week 69:   Fun Fearless Foodie – Parmesan Cheese

Week: 68:   Natalie’s Killer Cuisine - Cocoa Powder

Week 67:   Eat, Live, Travel, Write - Lemon Zest

Week 66:  Travel Eat Love - Coconut Milk

Week 65:  Run Beans Run - Tofu

Week 64:  Chicago Marathon Val - Mushrooms

Week 63:  Biggest Diabetic Loser – Cheddar Cheese

Week 62:  A Fit and Spicy Life – Balsamic Vinegar

Week 61:  Peanut Butter Fingers - Nutmeg

Week 60:   Jenn Eats Nutritiously Now - Garlic

Week 59:   Home Cooked Em – Cinnamon

Week 58:  The Balanced Broad – Flax

Week 57:  Cookin Fanatic - Blue Cheese

Week 56:   Foodie in the City - Ricotta Cheese

Week 55:   Savvy Eats - Maple Syrup

Weel 54:  Sound Eats - Dried Fruit

Week 53:  Mega Nerd Runs - Acorn Squash

Week 52:  Healthy Tipping Point - Pancake Mix

Week 51:  Live, Laugh Eat - Almond Butter

Week 50:  Balance, Joy and Delicias! – Cauliflower

Week 49:  Healthy San Diego Living - Chickpeas

Week 48:  Thought 4 Food - Yogurt

Week 47:  London Foodie in New York - Chocolate

Week 46:   Johnstone’s Vin Blanc - Oats

Week 45:  Guilty  Kitchen - Figs

Week 44:  Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet - Peanut Butter

Week 43:  The Sophisticated Gourmet - Brown Sugar

Week 42:  My Kitchen Addiction – Lime

Week 41:  Nutmeg Nanny – Coffee

Week 40:  Chaya’s Comfy Cook – Broccoli

Week 39: Healthy Delicious – Plums

Week 38:  Zoe - Feta

Week 37:  ChezWhat - Potatoes

Week 36:  Cinnamon, Spice & Everything Nice – Blueberries

Week 35:  Girlichef -Greens

Week 34:  The Ungourmet – Watermelon

Week 33:  Bread + Butter – Bell Pepper

Week 32:  Burp and Slurp -Corn

Week 31:  Say Yes to Salad – Kabocha

Week 31 1/2:  Simply Fabulous Now – Cherries

Week 30:  Thinspired – Bananas

Week 29:  To Be The Whole Package – Almonds

Week 28:  Kristas Kravings – Lemon

Week 27:  From French Fries To Flax Seeds – Coconut

Week 26:  Plentiful Plants – Avocado

Week 25:  Training Fuel – Eggs

Week 24:  Dinner at Christina’s – Cabbage

Week 23:  Hey What’s for Dinner, Mom? – Strawberries

Week 22:  One Bite at a Time – Basil

Week 21:  Just Sweet Enough – Black Beans

Week 20:  What I Ate Yesterday – Kale

Week 19:  What’s for Dinner – Orange

Week 18:  BranAppetit! –Spinach

Week 17:  Tales of Expansion Dates

Week 16:  Biggest Diabetic Loser – Zucchini

Week 15:  Sweet & Natural – Peppermint

Week 14:  bella eats [and runs] – Ginger

Week 13:  Coffee Talk – Walnuts

Week 12:  For the Love of Oats – Pumpkin

Week 11:  Trying to Heal – Sweet Potatoes

Week 10:  The Inner Workings of a College Graduate – Eggplant

Week 9:  Itzy’s Kitchen – Pears

Week 8:  The Fitnessista – Cranberries

Week 7:  Tri to Cook – Lentils

Week 6:  Rhodey Girl Tests – Polenta

Week 5:  Eating Bender – Butternut Squash

Week 4: Care to Eat – Apples

Week 3:  On a Lobster Placemat – Mushrooms

Week 2:  Hangry Pants – Tomatoes

Week 1:  sportsnutritionliving – Quinoa

So, what did I choose as my secret ingredient?! After much deliberation – I finally settled on….

Bulgur Wheat!

I love bulgur – and it seems like every time I post a meal with it, there are people mentioning they need to try it. Here’s your excuse!!

So – get me all those yummy bulgur creations via e-mail [to the right, in the side bar] before Sunday at midnight, and I’ll have the winner posted on Monday!

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