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Brown Rice Goodness

Posted Feb 06 2010 7:27pm

What a day! Nothing turned out as planned and my whole scheduled got turned around. The worst partI didn't get a workout in.

I had about 30 minutes of free time at home so I did a makeshift workout-50 power lunges
-3 sets of 25 squats
-25 girl push ups
-3 sets of 10 pulls up
(we have one of those total gym pull up bars)

That was my workout for today. My plan was do a Body Pump class but sometimes life happens and you just have to do what you can.

Last nights cleaning session was a huge success. I vacuumed all the furniturevacuumed the floorcleaned the kitchencleaned the bathroomdusted the entire apartmentand went through the mail for the week. I feel so much more organized and happy :)

The boyfriend and I got into a conversation about brown vs. white rice tonight. Most of my life I have been a white rice girl. I ate it whenever we went out to place likes P.F. Changs or Pei Wei and would even fix it with my meals. Wes on the other hand loves his brown riceso since meeting him we have transformed into a brown rice household. I looked more at brown rice and discovered a lot of healthy facts.


The wonders of brown rice1. Process for producing brown rice only removes the outermost layerwhich is called the hull. This part of the kernel has the least nutritional value.
2. To convert brown to white rice you takes away a lot of the vitamins and nutritional value of brown rice.
3. Brown rice is a high source of fiber and seleniumwhich has been linked to preventing colon cancer.
4. The oil in brown rice also helps lower cholesterol.
5. Brown rice is a rich source of magnesiumwhich reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Brown rice is an awesome source of so many vitamins and minerals!

Well off to get ready for bedI have to get up early in the morning to babysit at my church.

Coming Up: I will be back to regular posting tomorrow: including a recap of my long runmy chile recipeand a new product review!

Sleep tight bloggies!

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