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Brooklyn is Filled With More Fitness Options Than Just Personal Training

Posted Aug 09 2012 1:02pm
   The Brooklyn Nets may be coming to New York City’s most populated borough in October, but that doesn't mean that athletics has been absent from Brooklyn life since the Brooklyn Dodgers left town.   Living in Brooklyn can be filled with a bevy of activity. There is always a new store, show, coffee house or a world class museum to explore. Sports, exercise, and outdoor activities are also prominent features that attract the interest of local residents as well as tourists. With the nice weather, many people look for outdoor activities to incorporate fitness in their day.   They do not want to be cooped up in a gym during their personal time, so they will visit one of Brooklyn’s many parks for a walk or a run.   Brooklyn Bridge Park, Coney Island and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are just a few of the more popular areas that invite residents and visitors to get on their feet and out of their apartments.   The tourist groups will find the walking path that extends across Brooklyn Bridge for pedestrians a fun way to exercise away from home as they explore the sites of the city. This high bridge affords wonderful views of the surrounding area. 

For people with a strong interest in physical fitness there are numerous gyms andpersonal trainers NYCavailable. Choose your personal fitness regimen from the many different classes that are currently being offered in the Brooklyn area. Weightlifting, aerobics and spinning classes are just some of the offerings that attract the interest of many Brooklyn residents.


Many residents are also discovering the benefits of participating in low impact fitness regimens such as the classes that are offered at leading Brooklyn Pilates studios.   Pilates classes provide vigorous workout routines that are less stressful on the hips and knees. Pilates is an exercise program that effectively builds lean muscle mass and sculpts the body through the integration of intelligent body movements.


Individuals of all ages can gain flexibility and muscle strength with regular workouts at a Brooklyn yoga class. This type of fitness regimen is becoming increasingly popular with seniors. These types of classes prove that it is never too late to improve your mind and body.   While you can improve your shape and boost your cardiac health with these pursuits Brooklyn yoga classes are able to help you achieve your fitness goals without risking serious injury to delicate muscles and joints. These invigorating stretching exercises are designed to provide maximum physical benefits to participants who want to engage in low-impact activities.


While a personal fitness trainer can certainly get their client motivated enough to follow a healthy eating and exercise routine these professionals are not the only options on the table. Brooklyn is filled with more than just personal trainers and the journey to better health is an open book waiting to be discovered.

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