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Broccoli Robbed

Posted May 13 2010 3:23pm

Recently I’ve become rather bored with the vegetables in the grocery store. (Hence my reasons for stalking the curb market & planting my own veggie garden .) But since neither of those options are currently producting anything edible, I had to search a little harder in the grocery store.

I decided to try some broccoli rabe (aka rapini.)

Broccoli rabe actually has nothing to do with broccoli- it’s actually more closely related to a turnip. It’s much more bitter & pungent than regular broccoli, but full of vitamins A, C, & K, as well as calcium, iron, and potassium.

broccoli rabe

After cleaning it, I steamed it for a few minutes to help cut through the bitterness. Then I sauteed it in a pan with chopped onions & garlic.

I was planning to serve it as a side dish, but at the last minute decided to make pasta instead.

A little bit of tomato sauce & sundried tomato, and I had a huge dish of pasta ready.

pasta with broccoli rabe


Apparently I’m not a fan of broccoli rabe.

Slightly bitter & pungent really means BITTER & PUNGENT!!

I tried to eat most of it anyways, but I did end up abandoning a few pieces on the plate. The hubby abandoned every last floret, stem, and leaf.

I think perhaps I was thinking it was broccolini, which I do in fact love. Broccolini is a hybrid of broccoli & Chinese kale. (So of course it’s good! ;) )

To make up for the less than stellar dinner, I whipped up a fresh batch of berry cobbler . This time I added some vanilla & coconut to the granola mixture.

berry cobbler & coconut ice cream

Served on top of Purely Decadent Coconut “Ice Cream”.

Now I’m off to bike class #2!! Wonder what we’ll learn tonight!

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