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Bremenn Upper Eyelid Lifter and Hylexin Serious Dark Circles

Posted May 02 2011 9:19am
A little while ago I was sent a selection of high-end beauty products to try and review including two from Bremenn . Both are eye products and I have been using them morning and night for the last few months. Although despite my advancing years (ahem) I'm lucky enough to not suffer from any eye wrinkles yet, I am concious of dark circles and puffiness so was keen to give these two items a go.

First, here's a bit about the Bremenn brand. I must admit, I'd never heard of it before
"From the beginning, Bremenn Research Labs® has been about solving specific problems in specific areas of the body, rather than just creating yet another “wrinkle cream.” Bremenn’s first big hit was with Hylexin®, the “Serious Dark Circles” cream developed specifically to reduce the appearance of serious under eye circles and puffiness under the eye. Bremenn followed with specific, targeted solutions for hyperpigmentation (age spots) on the hands and face, droopy upper eyelids, wrinkled foreheads, facial spider veins, saggy buns, and now there’s even a Bremenn formulation for that totally unexpected “zit from hell” that pops up at the last minute. If you’ve got a skincare problem, Bremenn has the answer. Bremenn Research Labs: targeted skincare solutions."

I have been using two products, one designed for the upper eyelid, the other designed for dark circles under the eye. First up, the under eye product, Hylexin Serious Dark Circles

"The first product specifically developed for serious dark circles... not the kind that pop up in the morning and are gone by breakfast, but the kind of serious dark circles that seem to stay around forever.

Gently apply Hylexin® concentrate twice daily to clean, dry skin, using a light, circular motion, until completely absorbed into the orbital eye area. Use sparingly. Hylexin is a concentrated formula. Note: As Hylexin begins to work, you may experience a moderate feeling of warmth."

I found the packaging on both of the products to be a little tricky to use first of all - the pump is very sensitive and would often dispense far far too much product. You only ever need to apply a very small amount of eye product, so pressing down normally on the pump left me with about 90% more cream than I needed! So I found I had to press down very lightly on the pump to get the tiny amount I was looking for.

The cream is fairly thick, but does absorb well when patted in gently under the eye with your ring fingers. I did feel a slight warmth/tingle but no stingy or discomfort at all. The product rubbed in quickly and didn't leave my eyes puffy.

I do suffer from dark circles, and they are those dark circles that I have had FOREVER and seem permanently attached to my face! No amount of early nights or a healthy lifestyle is gonna shift these bad boys I'm afraid. I did hope that this product would be a bit of a miracle cure, but sadly so far it isn't. My dark cirles certainly haven't got any worse but I honestly can't say they have got any better. I have given it over 2 months of use and really haven't seen any noticeable change. I will continue to use it, and hopefully will start to see the benefit at some point.

This product doesn't come cheap, and as I've not seen any results to speak of probably wouldn't recommend it. It retails for £54.50 for 15ml from amongst other places Harvey Nichols .

And the second product I have been using is the Upper Eyelid Lifter
"Why do you need a formula specifically developed to lift the look of the upper eyelid area? Unlike under-eye puffiness... upper eyelids tend to sag, deflate and droop. Bremenn's Upper Eyelid Lifter makes your eyes look bigger, brighter, fresher, and captivatingly alive, by using key ingredients such as a Biopolymer from sweet almond proteins, key Amino acids and extracts from Soy and Yeast."

Again, I have been using this product every morning and evening. I normally use any all in one eye product, so it has taken some getting used to for me to have to use one product for under the eye and other for the eye lids. My eye routine now takes twice as long!

Unlike my under eyes and their dark circles, I haven't noticed any upper eye issues. I do have quite hooded lids but that's just the way my eyes are rather than any ageing problems. A product like this might be good as a preventative measure though.

The product has the same pump problems as the Serious Dark Circles - it needs only the lightest touch otherwise loads comes out, far too much than you need!

The product absorbs really quickly but does have a bit of a weird smell!

Now, I can't say I've noticed my eyes looking any different since using this - but my husband commented after the very first time I'd ever used it and said he could definitely see a difference and though my eyes looked plumper! And after a few weeks use, he said he could see even more of a difference!

So, I'm in two minds about this product. Nothing has changed as far as I can tell, but my hubby has noticed a difference. For me to take the plunge and actually purchase this, I'd really want to have seen some impressive results, which I've sadly not.

This also retails for £54.50 for 15ml and could also be bought at Harvey Nichols .

Have you ever tried any products from the Bremenn range? What's your favourite eye product?

(FYI, the product I normally use is Dr Nick Lowe Dark Circles Correcting cream )

Disclaimer: This review is my honest opinion and I have not received payment for this or any other review
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