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Breathe, Listen, Do

Posted Sep 02 2012 11:51am
I believe that we’re all vessels. But in order to be a vessel, we have to breathe, listen, and do.

Lately, there’s been a lot on my mind personally and professionally. With Summer coming to a close, giving way to crisp mornings and chillier evenings, it’s a strange time. For the first time in my life, I won’t be starting school again. Matty forewarned me about it and now I understand – it verifies that I’m actually an adult now.

Wait, what? It seems like yesterday I was choreographing Spice Girls dances with my girlfriends.

Yesterday, in between jobs one and two, I took a walk. I needed to be in nature and make a plea to God and the Universe. There are a lot of things that I want to do – I have a lot of goals lined up for the future – and I’m feeling super jumbled. Thoughts like, “What do I do next?” “What is going to make me the most money, so I’m not living paycheck to paycheck?” “What is going to allow me to save and, eventually, get a place of my own?” “What is the right thing to do?” ran through my head.

Problem: I’m not going to get anywhere asking all of those questions. It’s all me, me, me and numbers, numbers, numbers – neither of which are tickets to fulfillment. Durrr.

Not ONCE did I ever think, “What is Your will for me?” “What will bring me the most happiness while serving the betterment of others?”

So, I walked, asked the above questions, and got some answers. Then, I casually laid in the grass and daydreamed. I sound like such a hippie. ;-) Really, though, once I took the time to surrender myself as a vessel – to ask what my Higher Power really wants me to do for others – it all came together. Like clockwork. It’s not going to happen overnight and it won’t be a seamless transition but I know what the next move is going to be and that’s really comforting.

Once we allow ourselves to surrender and open ourselves up to receiving answers from something greater than ourselves, we eliminate two things that will always try to hold us back: fear and control. When we listen to our Higher Power – whatever that may be for you – we are no longer fearful because we are listening to our internal guide’s wishes; our true place of fulfillment. Likewise, when we listen to our Higher Power, we eliminate control. We’re no longer trying to control the situation, which means we’re no longer clouding our minds and losing sight of what it is we’re meant to do.

I encourage you, whenever you’re feeling lost or confused about your next move, to surrender yourself and shut off your mind. Offer yourself up as a vessel and ask your Higher Power what your next move should be. Ask how you can be a vessel – a gateway of love to serve others – so that you can grow, learn, and inspire.

Close your eyes. Breathe, listen, do.

Stay lovely,

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