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Breastfeeding does not have to fill DHA, up more anti affect health

Posted May 07 2013 4:43pm
  The DHA can nourish the brain, but also the baby's eyes become large and bright! "Mary and many other mother, the baby is born specifically for him to eat a certain brand of DHA supplements. When asked if your baby needs so much DHA, Mary blurted out, "What is this, many mother to the baby complement DHA and ARA! Can not let the children lose at the starting line, I would rather abuse of not missing."
  DHA, ARA these children nutrition, has been in the field of vision of the moms and dads. DHA but what exactly is it?  cheap hermes outlet   How to help the development of the infant? How should add edible? Many parents may still kept in the dark. " The experts interviewed by reporters conclusions given is: DHA can be obtained from the daily food such as deep-sea fish or nuts in food, but over-fill, easy to influence a child's immune and hematopoietic function, are not allowed to choose, excessive doses may even heavy metal poisoning.
  DHA eat than to eat deep-sea fish and walnuts
  DHA, essential fatty acids, is often known as the "Brain Gold" in the business of publicity. Only the word, Hermes bracelet sale    we can see the DHA was given a clear commercial means.
  Studies have shown that mental retardation of the fetus, premature children, prescribed supplemental DHA fatty acids help brain development, but there is no sufficient evidence that DHA deficiency can lead to infant mental development defects. "Merchants of individual nutrients role exaggerated. Careful people will find the DHA product advertising focuses on maternal and infant, which also illustrates the impossible to find any basis to conclude the normal diet adults need extra DHA or ARA. Cheap hermes belt  "Deng Min end breast milk, especially colostrum content of DHA is particularly rich (general breast milk DHA content of 0.3%, the AA content of 0.5 to 0.7%), exclusive breastfeeding, MD, deputy director of the Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology fed babies do not need to add DHA. Artificial feeding of children, in the case of insufficient intake of DHA, you can consider additional supplements. cheap hermes handbags outlet  If the baby has a gradual transition from milk to solid food, can add complementary to add a little deep-sea fish, walnuts and other foods, so generally no shortage of DHA.
  Excessive complement is likely to affect the immune and hematopoietic function
  DHA helps brain development, but can not be ignored prone to lipid peroxidation, can cause some damage to human cells and tissues; addition, DHA also inhibit immune function. For this reason, the general idea in the United States more fish, in preference to eat fish oil concentrate. Fish oil at the same time, in order to prevent excessive oxidation must also take vitamin E. March 26, 2012, when the Ministry of Health official website posted a new version of the Fortified Food Standard (draft) also clearly indicate:  Cheap hermes wallets   modulation of milk powder and modulation cream powder (for children only formula powder) 12 in The percentage of total fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) content must be ≤ 0.5%.
  "We can not deny that DHA and ARA on the role of the brain and retina, but not better." Said Deng Min end, human intake of saturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids, the best ratio of 1:1:1. Polyunsaturated fatty acid intake too much, causes the body to produce lipid peroxidation --- cell transparent lesions, fibrosis, a large area of ??cell damage caused by nerves, tissues,  cheap hermes watches   organs and other damage. DHA infant formula if the increase is too much, can cause infant digestion and absorption of load and reduced immunity. DHA intake too much, will adversely affect the hematopoietic system of infants and young children, the side effects of platelet formation and function to a certain extent.
  In addition, the extraction of DHA from fish fat, due to the deteriorating factors of the marine environment, there is the potential for contamination. DHA fish oil extracted from the fish food chain relations may contain a variety of heavy metals and irritating substances, hermes kelly bags for sale  not suitable for children or people with a history of heart disease take.
  Recently, this reporter visited the market found that DHA products are widely sold In addition to the size of the pharmacy, some supermarkets in Guangzhou and nursing supplies stores, these products are also selling the product. Imports, domestic,  cheap hermes bags   pure DHA products, composite DHA supplements, fish oil, algae oil ...... varieties, strange brand, DHA content, prices vary greatly. The sale of these products, in addition to blindly promote "Brain Gold" to improve the "magic" of the intelligence, the source of the product, category, do not know all side effects.
  DHA content pricing did not associate
  Reporter interviewed found that DHA in the sale of the type of nutrition is very complex, which is mixed with a lot of "imported" foreign language products, composite nutritional added Colostrum DHA fish oil capsules can chew DHA fish oil products candy, candy,  hermes kelly purse   not only the variety of dazzling, Price, DHA content completely confusing.
  Reporters at a pharmacy compared synbiotics, big Paul Long, HEALTH, New Zealand Eleven Fence four brands of DHA products, where the lowest price is a big Paul Long Children's DHA soft capsule, $ 1-a, each containing DHA250 mg; highest price synbiotics imported children polyene DHA fish oil soft capsules, each capsule price of nearly five million, claiming that "the contents of a net content of 400 mg / tablets. Nursery goods store on stack of King Road, Haizhu District,  cheap hermes shoes   a company called "Baby X West", the reporter saw four or five models packaging is very beautiful "foreign goods", "These are the authentic products sold in foreign supermarkets, a pharmacy some called 'imported' brands are in a foreign country to buy a foreign name, home sales only and do not sell their products in foreign stores. "the nursery store clerk told reporters. But the reporters did not understand a 60 Capsules "O Mika Omega-3-Colostrum fish oil" capsules, marked as New Zealand "imported" ingredients include colostrum powder amino acid polymerization zinc, potassium iodide, vitamin E, each containing DHA283 mg, the price of 298 yuan; cheap birkin bags   another the same price of 298 million Australian multivitamin fish oil capsules, each and DHA content was only 14.4 mg.
  What is DHA? Salespeople do not understand
  In fact, not only reporters and many consumers DHA products some "kept in the dark, a lot of sales of such products this poorly explained, sometimes simply some vague words at random stall.
  An "imported" New Zealand Eleven Fence DHA algal oil soft capsules, for example, businesses claim that each and the contents of the net content of 950 mg of compound a variety of nutrients, but did not provide specific levels of DHA. "Should also at least 300 mg sales staff told reporters.
  The products are divided into DHA fish oil, algae oil, and egg yolk, but many sales people are completely ignorant of these common sense. birkin handbags outlet  In Haizhu District, a "Nepstar" pharmacy, responsible for sales salesman told reporters that synbiotics children polyene soft capsules of fish oil DHA fish oil products are the best, the highest levels of DHA. When a reporter asked if there are claims that fish oil containing EPA will lead to precocious puberty, the salesman does not seem to understand what the EPA is followed immediately open the closet to find the product manual look. Seeing this, the other counters salesman came and said, algae oil DHA supplements containing EPA, they also sell algae oil, but still the best fish oil products in the United States do not sell algae oil. DHA. "  cheap hermes jewelry   When a reporter asked whether the egg yolk-based DHA supplements sale, salesman exposed surprised expression: "DHA extracted from egg yolk inside you?" Cor pharmacy in another large sales staff admirer of algae oil products: algae oil DHA supplements are the best extraction source for deep-sea algae, pollution, and high levels of DHA than fish oil products. Moreover, algae supplements are plant hormones, no animal hormones, does not result in precocious puberty "like whole grains plant foods on the human body is very healthy, the algae DHA supplements is certainly the best friends." in a company called "duo * microphone nursery goods store, the salesman hard to reporters store algae oil DHA supplements. When reporters asked whether there was a the egg yolk class DHA supplements, her bewildered, "egg yolk animal products, hermes bags outlet  animal hormones is not good."
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