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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Guest Post: Allison Stanley

Posted Oct 14 2008 4:49am

It is funny how when you are first diagnosed with cancer people around you are quickly divided -   those who feel for you and those who feel the need to provide you with information. But cancer treatment is specific to each person, and each person has a different way to process what they’re going through.   

I came up with a regime that was easy to remember by letter and word associations. I have my PINK ANGELS REGIME: PINK because everything about breast cancer is saturated in shades of pink and ANGELS for the friends, families and organizations that continue to support me.    I hope you find my angels give you a renewed sense for living a healthy life.

  • PRAY: I pray often for my health and the strength to continue a cancer-free life.
  • IMAGINE: It is very important to put positive thoughts in your consciousness.  Imagining a cancer-free, healthy life is vital.
  • NUTRITION: Having a balanced diet with all the right nutrients is so important.  Juicing with anti-oxidants and taking omega 3 are good additions after cancer.
  • KNOWLEDGE: There is so much hype and misinformation on the Internet.  Keeping up with breast cancer information from trusted medical sources is key.
  • ACCEPTANCE: I have had to learn to accept the changes in my body and accept them as a part of myself.
  • NEEDS:  I have learned that it is very important to have my needs met. Neglecting your needs provides toxins in the body.
  • GIRLFRIENDS:  Having a network of friends to support you any way you need: shopping, travel, gossip, etc.
  • EXERCISE: After cancer your body is traumatized for some time.  Movement and muscle development is key to good health.
  • LAUGHING: There’s no better medicine then laughing through this horrible experience.  “Live Laugh Love” - It’s true!
  • SIMPLIFY: This is something I am still learning.  It is the only way to heal your body and your spirit through the trauma.

Allison Stanley is a breast cancer survivor and awareness advocate. Known for her role on the Emmy award winning NBC program, “Starting Over,” the country watched as Allison struggled to overcome lifelong self-esteem issues and adjust to her new body after breast cancer. Allison has since overcome this period in her life, and is now committed to providing hope, inspiration and empowerment to others who are undergoing cancer treatment or struggling through any obstacles in life. For more information on Allison or for resources on cancer,

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