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Breast Augmentation - Locating a Plastic Surgery Facility in Texas

Posted Feb 04 2013 2:56am
Read on to know what breast augmentation can do for you and about easily locating a plastic surgery facility in Texas. The surgery, also known by the term “augmentation mammoplasty,” is done to increase the size of the female breast(s) and it may be resorted to for any of a variety of reasons. The reasons include the breasts being too small or underdeveloped, change in volume following pregnancy and breast-feeding, loss of volume following weight loss, asymmetry of the two breasts or enhancement of curves.

In addition to the above, augmentation mammoplasty may be performed as part of a reconstruction procedure following a mastectomy. The surgery is carried out using any of two kinds of implants – silicone or saline.

Advantages of the Breast Enhancement Procedure

Apart from achieving your desired breast size with breast augmentation surgery, you’ll also get benefits such as the following:
  • A well-proportioned figure
  • New fullness accentuates the feminine figure thereby increasing attractiveness
  • Asymmetry of breasts if any, is resolved
  • Expansion of wardrobe options
  • Self–confidence increases at the personal, social and professional levels

Finding a Plastic Surgery Center in Texas

Before you can set about finding the right center for requirements pertaining to your breast augmentation, decide on whether you want the procedure done in your particular city or elsewhere.

Basic Search - After the above, you can make a basic search on Google or any other search engine with search combinations starting with plastic surgery facility/center and including Texas, Houston or the name of your preferred city.

Note down the names of facilities/centers that are returned in the above search.

AAAASF (American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities) Accreditation – One of the most acknowledged accreditations for a facility with an office-based operating room is the AAAASF accreditation. Whether this accreditation is there or not can be an important factor for choosing between facilities. 

To locate centers with this accreditation, you can go to the AAAASF website and use the convenient search option available there.

Online Directories – These provide another convenient mode to find facilities and short-list ones closer to where you live if proximity is important for you.

Word of Mouth
– Your friends, family or hospitals may be able to suggest some well-known names in your area.

After adopting the four methods of search discussed above, you can go to the websites of these facilities/centers and read through the patient testimonials. Look through the names of plastic surgeons that specialize in breast augmentation and their  qualifications and experience that are provided in the website.

You may also be able to get reviews about a particular facility by going to Google Maps and typing the name of the center and its location.

Once you have found some surgeons that you like from the facilities that appeal to you, do a background check on the surgeons and speak to actual patients of those surgeons to get an idea of their attitude, bedside behavior and skill.

You should also find out who would be assisting the surgeon and whether they are qualified, skilled or experienced enough for the task. Also find out who would be administering anesthesia for you and try to know more about him/her too.

Doing all of the above will help you a lot in locating the right plastic surgery facility and plastic surgeon in Texas for your breast augmentation procedure.
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