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Breaking Up and Going Solo

Posted Feb 05 2011 5:56pm

Hola Bloggies:

How are you? I hope your weekend is marvelous no matter what neck of the woods you find yourself in! wlEmoticon smile1 Breaking Up and Going Solo

As for me, I’m spending my weekend hanging out with fellow lawyers at a conference of sorts. Which of course means I’ve no food pics to show.

You see, while I don’t mind whipping out the camera amongst a small group of people I tend to shy away from it at conference type events; it tends to attract too much attention.

Besides, I suppose I should try to keep it somewhat professional –> wlEmoticon nerdsmile Breaking Up and Going Solo


Solo Time

So all of you will remember how earlier in January I got in contact with a super awesome trainer lady . I wanted to work with her to set up a meal plan and training program.

Ultimate goal? Take control of my destiny and be the most healthful version of me possible!

I was psyched.


Brimming with optimism.

But it looks like “we” are not going to work out. wlEmoticon sadsmile Breaking Up and Going Solo

running thumb Breaking Up and Going Solo


It’s not that I think trainer lady isn’t still awesome. She is!

But it’s become very apparent that the way she likes to work is distinctly different from what I’m looking for right now.

Super awesome training lady wants her clients to work out with her every time they’re in the gym. That adds up to mucho dinero $$$$ pronto! And frankly, it’s not a financially responsible choice for my current situation.

But no worries friends . . . all is not lost! Far from it!!! wlEmoticon openmouthedsmile Breaking Up and Going Solo


The Plan

My awesome former trainer from the West Coast has stepped up to the plate and sent me both a meal plan and training program. He knows my strengths and weaknesses so it’s a kick bootay workout!

Words honestly can’t explain how grateful I am for his support throughout the years. He’s more than a trainer. He’s my friend. And a great one at that!

I addition to his program, I’ve also gone around removing all the pull-out workout cards from my various fitness magazines.

So all in all I have the tools I need to turn myself into one hot mama! wlEmoticon winkingsmile1 Breaking Up and Going Solo

From now on I’m going to track everything I do on this blog. The eats . . . the moves . . . everything. I’ll share with you my workouts and in lieu of a trainer I’ll use this site to keep myself accountable.

Since so many of you are pulling for me in this journey (thank-you from the bottom of my heart), I wanted to make sure that you were aware of the recent changes.

I intend to prove I can do this!!! Nothing is going to stand in my way!!!!


Question: What do you do when you find your training plans don’t work out? Or when you suddenly have to change your game plan? Is that something easy for you to do? Do you struggle?

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