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Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day.

Posted Feb 12 2011 2:42pm

Today I worked with Dominique the lone front desk guy. He thinks that this is what a nutritionally sound breakfast looks like:

This is completely acceptable to be eating in front of people trying to lose weight right?

We received numerous comments on this little display. On my part, I only ate a piece of the Snickers peanut butter bar. Has anyone else tried it yet? It is officially my new favorite candy. I might have been quoted saying, “I wonder if they can make my wedding cake out of this?”, after my first bite. It’s a sinful little mix of the already perfect Snickers with a Reese’s cup. I’m telling ya this made my morning.

Dominique and I have a special relationship. I think God meant to make us siblings because we literally argue and sabotage each other whenever we can. It’s all out of love of course!

As you can see, Dominique really needs to watch what he eats.

I know I promised an exciting post on Thursday…well it’s in the works! Thursday was a big day for me in general and I just want to have a post that reflects everything that happened. I’m aiming to have it up by tomorrow (Sunday).

I hope you enjoy your Saturday! I’m going to see ‘Just Go With It’ tonight with some friends. Has anyone seen it yet? It looks hilarious. Plus, Jennifer Aniston is my total girl crush!

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