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breakfast in bed for Valentine’s day

Posted Feb 13 2013 1:46am


Valentine’s day is right around the corner, in fact, it’s tomorrow and although I know some of you won’t celebrate it, I personally think that a little bit of romance won’t hurt anybody. So, what is the best way to kick start your day on the right foot? It’s the breakfast, of course! Serve your loved one breakfast in bed. Make him/her happy. It’s not a big deal, it doesn’t require a lot of preparation like dinner and it’s lovely!

Now, what will you need.

The perfect recipe, I might say is crucial and since your beloved person will eat it in bed it has to be something that is easy to eat… in bed. No toasts, muffins or cookies, they make too much crumbs. A raw food dessert will do wonders in this situation. Consider raw blackberry chocolate cake (on the photo above), my signature chocolate mousse , chocolate cake or any kind of cream and mousse . Well, pancakes will be fine too, if you insist. The beauty of the raw food dessert is that you can make it the day before and serve it in a minute on the spot!

Then, you will need a tray, preferably one that is specifically designed for breakfast in bed, but if I have to be honest even a simple tray will do the trick. It’s just a thing that transfers other things, not a brain surgery tool…

Something hot, like tea, coffee or hot cacao. Please, choose the one drink that your beloved one usually drinks in the morning, this is not the right time to make changes in his/her diet :))) Be sure to bring in the bedroom everything that goes with it, like sugar/honey/stevia, milk or cream, spoons, etc. The romance will be ruined if you have to make quick runs to the kitchen every 10 seconds…

Flowers, of course, if the breakfast is for HER. I’m still not sure what is the situation with flowers for men, if you know, enlighten me please. I would love to know in what situations it is ok to give men flowers.

Add-ons. Like a magazine, the morning paper, the iPad… I know, I know, what’s the romance in that, you might ask. But some people need a little bit of peace in the morning, some time to gather their thoughts and start the day. Some quiet. Give it to them. They will love you for it.

And now, the most important part – the timing. You have to know when to enter. You have to know his/her schedule. You have to know how much time he needs to wake up and go out. Once you know all of that, add 20 minutes to it and make your move.

Voila! You have the perfect day and a smile on your face! Because, it’s the small things that really matter. Share them with the ones you love :)

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