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Breakfast for Dinner

Posted Nov 07 2012 8:18pm

Howdy All!

How was your Wednesday? My was a busy busy busy day. I do have to admit the time change has been AWESOME! I am having a lot less trouble getting up at 4:50 am and getting to the gym by 5 am. Hey I am trying to celebrate the little things :)

I am loving the workouts from the Best Body Boot Camp . I have had to change up days this week because yesterday I felt horrible no run for me! I went to the chiropractor, came home drank a ton water and took Sophie on a walk. Duane told me he has had a fever all day but went to work anyway. I also then started praying that I got sick instead of him, he is a horrible excellent patient. Do you hear the sarcasm? Is anyone else’s significant other like this? Duane just wants to be left alone, I do my best but when I am sick I want someone to bring me tea and stuff.

This morning for breakfast I made a smoothie. A cold creamy breakfast was calling my name after the hard workout this morning at the gym.


You know you are jealous of my inspirational cup- I really want just a blank cup but I cannot find one anywhere! I know the weather is getting colder but if a smoothie is sounding good go ahead and try it!

Tonight I was trying to figure out what sounded good and what was easy. I decided on breakfast for dinner, I really wanted bacon but I wasn’t making a special trip for that! Pancakes and eggs it is :)

My mom also has a great way of cooking eggs over easy. Crack the eggs and then place the top of  a pot lid over the eggs and let them cook. This takes a little while and make sure the heat is low enough you don’t want crunchy over cooked egg on the bottom! So much easier than flipping egg all over the floor- which has always  never happens to me.

I also had a pear and strawberry fruit salad! I think this boot camp is making me eat about 85 times more, building that muscle wahoo!

Do you have breakfast for dinner?


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