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Brain Injuries

Posted Jul 17 2010 10:45pm

We love playing football and watching football being played.  In fact, we love many sports, where the athletes have a high risk for brain injuries.  Can you believe this?

High school football players suffer 43,000 to 67,000 concussions a year. 

Rick Telanger from the Chicago Sun-Times suggested that the number of concussions might even be much higher.  Why?  Because many of the players never report that they have symptoms indicative of a concussion. 

I have to ask.   Is it worthwhile for football players and other athletes to engage in activities that generate so many brain injuries?

Rick Telanger also reported that 70% of college players reported that they had concussion like symptoms from playing football.  In a survey of college football trainers, they reported observing concussions in only 6% of the college players on their team.  This finding suggests that players failed to report concussion like symptoms and trainers are missing the same symptoms.

Rick asks " what does the future hold? We all know the horror stories about former NFL players like Andre Waters, who shot himself at 44, and was found to have brain tissue resembling that of an 85-year-old man, with characteristics of early stage Alzheimer's.

But that's the NFL. Waters was a banger for a dozen years after college. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a long term for what boxers call dementia pugilistica, or plain old punch drunk. Yet it doesn't matter if you get the blows from a glove or a helmet, or, for that matter, fastballs or hockey checks. CTE can apparently strike anyone who has had repeated and violent brain trauma."

It is not surprising that athletes are experiencing brain trauma.   Dr. Daniel Amen  describes the brain as having the consistency of soft butter housed in a very rigid skull.  Realizing the nature of the brain makes it very understandable that football players and many other athletes are experiencing symptoms of concussions and CTE.

Again, I must ask.  Is it worthwhile for football players and other athletes to participate in activities that generate so many brain injuries?  Do you want your children and grandchildren to engage in activities that may permanently damage the brains?  It is extremely important to take good care of our brains.

Remember, We Live in the Brains Created by Our Choices!

Dr. Hal

Life and Mental Fitness Coach

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