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Brain Dump.

Posted Oct 05 2012 2:18pm

It has been a long week.  A very boring week.  So boring that I decided against telling you all about the things we were (not) doing, and risk boring you to death as well.  With a sick kiddo in the house, we just didn’t do much.  A few walks here and there, some outings to the park, but not much interaction with other humans.  I think it has made me a little loopy.  And so here I am, doing a random Friday brain dump.  It happens.

Last night we watched the premiere of Life After Top Chef.  I am a HUGE Top Chef fan so I was excited to see there was a new spinoff. 


During the scenes where they were cooking at the Aspen Food & Wine Festival, I grabbed the remote and furiously rewound several times – squinting my eyes to try to see the coats on their sous chefs.  Even though it blurred past in a second, I recognized the little shield from a mile away – Johnson & Wales students!

Even though culinary school was just three years ago, it feels like forever.  Seeing the students working and chopping made me feel a few pangs of jealousy and nostalgia.  It was such an incredible experience that I am so grateful for, and while I love being at home, I also really miss cooking in a more professional environment.  Not much I will likely do about that immediately, but it’s definitely in the back of my mind.

I’ve been in a bit of a food funk recently.  Maybe it’s just a seasonal rut – transitioning from summer to fall?  My fridge is full, but nothing sounds particularly amazing or inspiring.  Except for that chocolate almond milk – that sounds amazing several times a day, straight out of the carton. 

IMG_8652 (427x640)

I’m hoping to get a lot of cooking done this weekend.  I’ve spent all week taking care of others, and now I’m ready for a few hours alone in the kitchen – just me, my fresh CSA box, and my Dixie Chicks Pandora station.

IMG_8654 (420x640)

I’m also planning to do a trial run of Cullen’s birthday cake!  I still haven’t decided on a flavor, so I thought I’d make some test cakes this weekend to see what worked best.  I’m sure we won’t mind having a few extra cakes hanging around.

And even though I have been pretty boring in the food department this week, Cullen has been trying all sorts of new things.  During the worst of his cold, his appetite really decreased, so I’ve been trying anything and everything to just get him to EAT.

This morning, I pulled out one of the coconut milk yogurts I bought last week.  I served him about half of it with the spoon and, to my excitement, he seemed to love it!  Couldn’t open his mouth wide enough.  But halfway through, he decided he wanted to use the spoon himself.  I handed it over and tried to guide him with it, but he shoved me away.  Eventually, the spoon ended up on the floor, and the entire carton ended up in his hands…

IMG_8644 (428x640)

And at this point, I announced that breakfast was OVER.

IMG_8649 (426x640)

At least his appetite seems to be back!  Have a great weekend!

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