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Brain dump before I go

Posted Apr 22 2009 11:43pm
When I was programming in college and even into my days as a system administrator, there were times when I would have to analyze core dumps or memory dumps. This is basically all of the data that was processing when a computer crashed or froze up. As a programmer, it gives you a better idea what caused the problem in the first place.

I am leaving for my very first European vacation and I am stressed.

So, I figured the best way to get rid of the stress is to dump everything from my brain.

Heh. I may do these more often.


I have to make a will.

I'm sad to say that the last will I created was right after Rose was born and the ex and I were headed off to Australia for 2 weeks.

Um... it might be time for an update.


I'm doubting I'll be having any sex while I'm in Europe.

Everyone is giving me raised eyebrows when I tell them that I am going to Amsterdam. I have been told for YEARS that I should visit there because "its SO you!"

But I asked theMagic Buddhaand he said no nookie for me!

I bought this handy little guy for my friend De who owns a yoga studio. He's kinda like the old Magic 8 Ball, from back in the day?

I've asked him 3 questions so far and he's been accurate:

Question #1: Will Soldier and I be able to be friends? (I asked this during the last week of communication with Soldier.)
Buddha's answer:Resist evil.

Question #2: Will I get lucky on my date? (A date I was looking forward to shortly after cutting ties with Soldier.)
Buddha's answer:You are not ready.

Question #3: Will I have sex while I'm in Europe?
Buddha's answer:Look for my monkey.

Hmmm... guess I'll be *ahem* looking for a "monkey" while in Amsterdam...


I'm gonna miss my girls while I'm gone.

We've started a new thing at bedtime. Well, it's sort of an old thing that J started with them and we just picked it back up this week.

One of us will begin a story and then pass the story to the next person. Each of us continues the story and passes it on to the next person.

I'm sure there's a name for this. I actually remember doing this same thing in my creative writing class in high school.

Last night's story was about a girl whose wishes always come true. Rose seems to come up with great beginnings and then I try to do what I can to make sure there's an end to the story somewhere. Grace is awesome at making us laugh when she adds silly moments to the story that don't make much sense... but they're funny just the same.

I like it. I also know it's building their imaginations and it's good quality time for all of us.

Yeah, I'm gonna miss them.

But I won't miss every single sentence beginning with the word, "Mommy."

That gets really old.


It's time to hide the porn.

Soldier had sent back all of the DVD's that I made him while he was deployed to Iraq. They're still sitting on the desk in my office.

The ex is going to be staying in my house while I'm gone. He still lives with his brother a half an hour away and my house is barely a mile or two from my kids' schools.

It'll be a little weird, yes, but then again, the last time he kept the kids here he re-caulked my bathtub. Maybe he'll take care of things and Muffin the hamster too.

But I'm thinking that I really don't want him popping in a homemade DVD just to see what's on there. Yeah, that could make things a little weird.


I can't wait to wear my new boots!

It is spring in Europe but I know it will also be chilly in the evenings. These boots reminded me of the boots Rachel wore when I visited her in San Fransisco. I couldn't resist.

Plus they're Naturalizer (so comfy) and they were on sale!

Aren't they fun?

They kind of remind me of Edward Scissorhands. Ya know, they call him that because his hands are, um, scissors.


I'm also going to miss the snuggles. But NOT the grouchies!

Grace is so affectionate. Rose likes a quick snuggle but then she's over it. Grace? She could hug for DAYS!

When she feels a hug coming on, she pounces. It's so cute. I'll just be talking to her and she'll suddenly pounce on me with her little arms wrapped around me and she won't let go.

I've started calling it "a case of the snuggles."

Believe me, it is so much nicer than when she gets "a case of the grouchies."


I'm not sure if I'll be blogging.

Hopefully I'll be having so much fun that I won't miss it! Then again, I feel so close to many of you that I will want to document it to share with you. I will miss reading all of my favorite blogs and hearing what happens in your lives!

If I can't get back to you all before I return, check out some fun links and some posts that you may not have seen:

Jason Mraz sends his love to the troops!

Bono writes about Easter: Do you know where your soul is? (I'll be seeing U2 in concert this October! Woohoo!)

Blog post: Husbands and Sex

Blog post: An insight on love

Where I'll see my favorite painting of all time!

Where I'll see my favorite flowers of all time!


A little Dutch:

Doei! (goodbye)
Vaarwel (Fairwell)
Gauw tot ziens! (See you soon)


Oh! One more thing...

Your love.

I can't thank you all enough for listening, commenting, following, emailing and all that you do to let me know that somehow, this little blog is making a difference in your day or your week... gosh, some have said even their lives!

That means so much to me that even typing it brings tears to my eyes.

You all truly inspire me to keep going and keep writing.

Like any relationship, trust has to be established. And with every compliment and validation, I want to open up even more.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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