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Braided Messy Bun

Posted Oct 05 2012 7:35pm

This is an easy way to pull your hair back on those days you just don’t want to deal with your hair down. You can wear this any day of the week, from casual to dressy.


  • bobby pins
  • clear hair ties
  • clips
  • hairspray 1. Start by teasing the hair in the crown area.
    • 2. Section your hair from the back of the ear and the front of the ear on both sides of your head. Clip the front sections out-of-the-way. 3. Make 3 sections using the hair behind your ears. 4. Now braid all 3 sections and tie off with the hair ties. 5. Next, let the sides down and braid the whole section on both sides going away from your face. Tie off with hair ties. All of your hair besides ay fringe in the front will now be braided. 6. With the 3 braids in the back begin to roll them and twist them using the bobby pins to place and secure them into a bun. Don’t try to be too perfect with it. It is ment to be “messy”. 7. When you have all 3 braids placed and pinned the way you like, begin taking the braids from the front and bringing them back towards the bun. Pin the braids at the top of the bun. Intertwine any stray pieces into the bun and pin. That’s it!! Now grab that hairspray and spray away! I actually went for a run with this hairstyle and it held the whole time.

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