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Boy or girl?

Posted Mar 24 2009 3:59pm
Well, today's the big day. Later this afternoon we go for our first ultrasound and hopefully we'll find out who's in my tummy! Apparently here in Vancouver (or maybe it's a Canadian thing?) the ultrasound technicians aren't technically supposed to tell the parents what sex the baby is. Instead, they're supposed to write it down in their report and then the prenatal doctor is supposed to tell the parents at a subsequent visit.

However, at a baby shower we attended yesterday for a friend, all of the pregnant ladies there said that their technicians had told them anyways. So, I'm really hoping that whomever does our US today will be willing to tell us - I don't think I can wait an extra week to go see the doctor to find out!

If the technician doesn't want to tell us, I've instructed my mom and husband to try and peek over the technician's shoulder and see what they write down on the form. Ha ha. We're just so anxious to see if it's a little girl or a little boy in there. I still find it amazing and somewhat incredible that there's actually a little person inside of my tummy, I think finally knowing it's a boy or a girl will make it seem even that much more real.

Anyhow, the rest of the day will be busy with other appointments and I'm finally getting my car fixed today after my accident a few weeks ago. I'll report back later if I have any specifics from the ultrasound to share.
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