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Box O’ Produce on My Doorstep- Organics to You Order

Posted May 13 2012 10:12pm

Last night I wanted to see if I could make turkey chili in the crockpot without many ingredients and without cooking the turkey before hand. I dropped in diced tomatoes, carrots, lean ground turkey and spices at 5pm and awoke to an amazing aroma 12 hours later. It was really dry for chili, but I really enjoyed it. I will toy with it some more.

Friday morning, I went for a hike with Erik (my rescuer from Ruckle Ridge) and Erica.

It was awesome! We had the most amazing weather for Dog Mountain! It was glorious!!

When I got home, I was treated to a giant box on my doorstep….Organics To You!!!

I  was soooo stinkin excited about this that I did a little jig right there on the doorstep (fun for the neighbors, I’m sure!)

Inside was magic and wonder….

I pulled it all out to see what goodies I got.

Inside were: Avocados, radishes, rubarb, tomatoes, green onions, asparagus, spinach, garlic, a leek, collard greens, cabbage, giant snap peas, carrots and broccoli! All organic, all with lots of dirt!

Half an hour later, I had it all washed and prepped!

I am sooo excited to use all these yummy goodies!! I will definitely be posting more recipes this week!

Now that I have enticed you with pictures, here’s a little about Organics to You.

Organics to You  is a locally owned and operated Portland organic produce delivery company. We’ve been delivering the finest, farm fresh, local organic produce and groceries since early 2001.

• How does our service work? Organics to You Works with  Local Farmers  directly and with other local purveyors of organic produce, that deliver the produce to our warehouse in central S.E. Portland, then from there, to you to enjoy! There are lots of different sizes of produce boxes to choose from along with some grocery needs you may have. All you need to do is sign up and the best, freshest, local, organic produce will come to your door!

• Why do people choose our service? One reason to choose Organics to You would be quality of goods we deliver, but beyond that, there is a convenience factor, and overall value you get from our delivery. We have had price comparison shopped the contents in our boxes and have found it our favor, even by $20 or so, sometimes…
Just think of he the time you will save by not going to store even once, and the frustration of traffic, along with those impulses buys you can make. You get none of that with us.

• We also offer  Paperless Gift Certificates  and hand delivered  Organic Gift Baskets  to homes and businesses.

• We have a strong commitment to sustainability and the environment. Organics to You is committed to sustainability, the local community, and organics as a whole. In this commitment, Organics to You reduces, recycles and reuse things that we can. We have basically zero produce waste.

• We are a part of the Portland compost program and also donate most of out produce wastes to local community groups. One of our farmers takes the other produce waste and feeds it to their Chickens and cows. We also reuse 1st. and then recycle our paper waste. We use 100% post consumer waste copier paper for all of our office needs. We also use corn-based plastics to any uses there. We are also a Green Power with PGE, 100% renewable energy choice. 3 out of 4 vehicles are run on a Biodiesel. In all this and more Organics to You ‘Footprint’ is small

• Our delivery service covers Outer Gresham to Hillsboro, and Vancouver/Camas to as south as Sherwood, West Linn and Wilsonville.

How amazing is that!! My whole box of veggies was amazingly priced at only $27!! Sooo reasonable!

In other really exciting news, I also got my new light box in the mail!! I can’t wait to start snapping some better pics for you guys!

Are you part of a CSA? Which one?

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